Arrests at Texas border lacking border wall

MS-13 gang member, attempted murderer apprehended at Texas border lacking border wall

by Eddie Scarry | January 30, 2019

Here are some things you didn’t read about this week in any of the national newspapers or see on cable news:

— U.S. Border Patrol agents on Saturday arrested a Salvadoran male crossing illegally into the country form Mexico, according to Customs and Border Protection. While his arrest was in process, agents identified him as an active MS-13 gang member.

— Agents on Monday caught a cluster of illegal immigrants shortly after they crossed into the U.S. Checks on their records revealed that one of them, a Guatemalan male, was previously convicted for attempted second degree murder in New York. He had been sentenced to five years confinement.

Both incidents happened in the southernmost part of Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley sector of the border, where illegal crossings are more than three times that of any other sector and where agents told me they are in dire need of a physical barrier wall.

When I paid a visit to the area two weeks ago, border patrol division chief John Morris told me that 90 percent of illegal alien apprehensions take place in the vast swaths of land where no border wall construction has been completed. In other areas, there are 25-foot-tall concrete and steel barriers that function as both reinforcement for ditches that control flooding from the Rio Grande river and as a deterrent to illegal crossers.

Agents told me the barrier is an immensely helpful tool and that they want more of it to fill in gaps where none of it exists.

When the national media report that there is no “crisis” at the border; that another migrant caravan is too far away to matter; that the people coming illegally into the U.S. are merely desperate asylum seekers; that a wall won’t work, these are the stories you’re not hearing about.

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