In this country, we control our own bodies. They’re always telling us that. But now the rules have changed. On the question of the coronavirus vaccine, our leaders are definitely not pro-choice. Their view is, “Do what you’re told and don’t complain.” No uncomfortable questions. Those aren’t just suggestions, they’re rules, and Silicon Valley plans to enforce them.

Twitter has announced a new policy to censor any unauthorized inquiry about the vaccine or, as the company put it, “false or misleading narratives about COVID-19 vaccinations.” Among other things, Twitter is censoring any claim that this vaccine might be used to “control populations.”

So whatever you do, don’t say this is social control. If you do, the richest, most powerful people in the world will act in perfect coordination to shut you down immediately. To repeat: There is no social control going on here, but if you suggest otherwise, Twitter will censor you.

In addition, Facebook has now decided it must “build demand for vaccination in communities worldwide” by sharing “reassuring information” about getting the vaccine.

Mark Zuckerberg was a tech tycoon. Now he’s a professional marketer who gets to control the conversation about the product he’s selling. Facebook has announced it will squelch “any misinformation” it sees about this vaccine. (Fox News)

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