Election Update: Where We Are in Terms of the Courts

The 2020 presidential election fiasco will have several key developments this week.

The media continues to act as though Joe Biden has won the election, and that any and all lawsuits launched by the Trump administration have been defeated.

This is false.

There are literally dozens of lawsuits underway in various states regarding the election.

The Trump administration has filed three. The rest are by individuals, state legislators, and other entities.

Each individual lawsuit on its own is of relatively low significance. Ultimately the ONLY lawsuits that decide how this election turns out will be the ones presented before the Supreme Court.

The media are pretending this is not the case. But remember, this is the same media that told us:

President Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election (we now know, from declassified documents, that this was a lie and that the media KNEW it was a lie from 2017 onward).
That activists burning and looting cities in America DO NOT spread COVID-19 but that everyone else is forbidden from attending church or meeting with family and friends because they WILL.
Put simply, the media has an agenda here. And they�ve proven they will lie to our faces about things.
Two Challenges that Could Massively Impact Election Results

So, where are things in the U.S. right now?

Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania are all in play.

Recent legal developments that can change things:

Georgia is now calling for a forensic audit of votes involving signatures.
Michigan has allowed the Trump campaign to have a forensic audit of voting machines.
Arizona allowed for an audit of 100 votes, of which 3% were found to be fraudulent or illegitimate. The state has since allowed an audit of a larger pool of votes.
The Supreme Court is open to hearing a case to determine if Pennsylvania violated election law by adopting a mail-in ballot voting system.
The biggest items, in terms of potential impact on the election’s outcome, are points 2 and 4.

Regarding the second, the Dominion voting machines being audited in Michigan were used in 30 states.

If the Trump administration can prove via a forensic audit that these machines were open to manipulation or fraud, then the results of those 30 states can be TOSSED OUT.

That would mean the election results in those 30 states are no longer valid and either a NEW vote is required OR the state legislators will decide who to elect OR the election will move into Congress where the House will vote with 1 vote per state.

ALL of this would mean Trump winning the election.

On the fourth point, the Supreme Court has the final say on the law in the U.S.

If the Supreme Court decides that Pennsylvania�s decision to use mail-in ballots was illegal or illegitimate, then ALL mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania would be thrown out and the states votes would be recounted WITHOUT them (meaning Trump wins).

This would open the door to similar legal decisions in other states that used mail-in ballots. This again, would mean vote recounts in multiple states. And with Joe Biden winning those states by less than 1%, it would mean Trump winning.

This is the state of things in the U.S. today. Those telling you that the election is over are ignorant or lying.

If anything, the odds are now favoring a Trump win more than at any point since November 3.

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