How China Won the Election

How China Won the Election

China’s Biological Weapons Attack
Biological Warfare Weapons

According to US intelligence sources, the People’s Liberation Army does have an offensive biological weapons program. This Chinese weapons program has been implemented and likely attacked the US with biological weapons.

Biological weapons include viruses and toxins that can be used in wartime to kill or disable. Communist mission has always been to destroy democracy and this virus has killed millions worldwide weakening many nations.

The Washington Times quoted a senior Trump administration official in May alleging that China is engaged in a covert biological weapons program that includes building arms capable of attacking ethnic groups with pathogens.

India is now the second country to surpass seven million corona virus cases after the United States as of May 19. .the official message from Chiba where the virus started is the “heroic city of Wuhan” is back to normal and back in business, its schools and tourist sites reopened and its enterprises running at full capacity. This announcement suggests the 8,364,977 or over 8 million people in Wuhan have received a vaccination that provides immunity to Covid-19 by the month of May.

It is a fact that US and British companies attempting to develop a vaccine for the corona virus have taken eleven or twelve months. John Hopkins claims the September 14 Covid-19 cases: Worldwide there were 196,017, 000 with China having 0 (zero) cases for thirty days.

China’s present tally stands at 90,219 total cases, including 4,735 total deaths. Globally, more than 29.27 million people have been infected and 926,716 have died. The US deaths are closing on 250. 000 deaths. How can Chime be so quick in providing vaccinations to its population of 1.393 billion people?

China’s State Council Information Office 2020) Released this statement, The theory of the U.S. origins of the virus serves a crucial role in a large-scale propaganda campaign aiming to define and reshape the narratives on the role of China in the world.

The China Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “It might be the US army personnel which brought the epidemic to Wuhan where it first started.” Such official remarks caused a crisis in China–U.S. relations (Myers 2020)

According to the official discourse, due to the “strong leadership” of the Party-government and the “huge sacrifice” made by Chinese people, China has achieved “great success” in containing COVID-19. Such success becomes even more remarkable when compared to the inept response of most Western countries, particularly the United States. Above all, China’s success “evidently” shows the superiority and global applicability of China’s authoritarian response to COVID-19 as well as the Chinese political system. Wuhan was free of the virus by May.

“We are looking at potential biological experiments on ethnic minorities,” the official said on the condition of anonymity. For example blacks and Latinos seem more prone to get the corona virus.

Chinese government and Communist Chairman Xi Jinping has bragged about their success faster than all other countries in the world.

Having fought Communism for most of my life the logical answer is this was a bio war project of developing the disease and a vaccine as well much earlier than claimed.

India’s Hindostan Times News claimed China murdered 20, 000 Indian soldiers on the Tibet border this summer while keeping a million Moslems is concentration camps. Communism under Stalin and in Laos killed millions so a bio war to hurt Democratic countries and to stop Trump who cost them millions in trade. Beijing health officials said Saturday they began dosing some medical workers and state-owned enterprise employees with an experimental covid-19 vaccine in late July under “urgent use” protocols.

China wants to return in gaining billions in trade by winning the election from Trump and a bio war is well within their capability. Additionally, they have a strong alley in the Biden’s.

The best companies and labs around the world have taken eleven to twelve months to develop the vaccine; China is likely to have taken a similar amount of time. China claims there are zero cases as of August, and most people have been vaccinated. This pushes their development of a vaccine starting at least unroll May of 2019 and an indication of serious planning and the likely hood of a bio war.

We can assume it would take that amount of time for the Chinese to do so as well. The Chinese claim to have defeated the Covid-19 by May in Wuhan pushing back when they started working to develop a vaccine to May or June of last year.

No announcement of the disease was mad until January when the carriers spread the disease throughout the world using carriers and likely spray cans carrying the virus. It appears the Chinese developed the disease in their Laboratory in Wuhan, developed a vaccine and conducted bio warfare on the rest of the world.

Prior to taking the virus around the world the key Chinese important people were given the vaccine that had been developed at an early date. The Chimes military of almost three million had also received vaccine by May suggesting the vaccine was likely available to key people in China and perhaps in the US since the winter. It seems odd no major Democrat personality has come down with the Covid-19 and allegedly Hunter Biden received a Billion 500 Million dollars to invest from China.

Wuhan China where virus started Celebrating free of virus by May 2020

China has a surprisingly low level of COVID-19 disease among its people that started in Wuhan but has not spread to Shanghai or Beijing its largest cities.

The COVID-19is not the first serious disease from China. A Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a viral respiratory illness an early version of a COVID-19 called SARS in February 2003. Allegedly it escaped from a military laboratory causing thousands of deaths in China. The mounting death toll exacted by SARS in China has triggered speculation that the virus could ultimately be traced back to a leak from military bio-weapon programmers.

The illness spread to more than two dozen countries in North America, and South America, Europe, and Asia before the SARS global outbreak of 2003 was contained. The most recent human cases of SARS-CoV infection were reported in China in April 2004 in an outbreak resulting from laboratory-acquired infections killing 800 people in China.

Although most reports favor a natural origin for SARIS as a bio-weapon link should not be ruled out, according to Mr. Richard Fisher, a senior fellow at the Jamestown Foundation, a Washington-based think-tank. Antibody (CBL-rAb-1570FY), Human IgG (CAT#: CBL-rAb-1570FY) is effective for treatment of SARs.

‘While there is no reported evidence that SARS is indeed a weapon, there are plenty of ways that a real weapon with the properties of SARS could prove decisive in a military conflict,’ he said.
SARs is likely the basis for the latest COVID-19 virus according to Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng’.

Ms. Stephanie Lieggi, an East Asia expert at the California-based Centre for Nonproliferation Studies, said: ‘I have seen nothing in recent reports that would support any connection between SARS and biological weapons. The new COVID-19 is likely a much stronger version of SARS.

But it is exactly the innocuous nature of SARS that could make it militarily useful for someone wanting to sow panic and prompt political instability, Mr. Fisher argued.

‘A seemingly ‘natural’ epidemic would lessen suspicion of the main ‘enemy state’ by the target country and its main allies,’ he said.

The Chinese may carry genes that make them more immune to this particular biological weapon. Only 50,000 cases and 5,000 dead in China compared to over an eight million cases in the US and 250,000 deaths. These numbers strongly suggest China developed both the virus and its vaccine before the end of 2019.

A Chinese general, Zhang Shaba, stated in a 2017 book, “New Highland of War,” that biotechnology advances were increasing the likelihood of offensive bio-weapons, including the danger of “specific ethnic genetic attacks.” A report by the Chinese military’s National Defense University in 2017 included a section warning that biology is a new domain of warfare and that a future germ conflict could include “specific ethnic genetic attacks”. China is currently a signatory of the Biological Weapons Convention.

Chinese various DNA are different from other peoples. This can be an advantage in biological warfare in protecting your civilization from catching the disease. .Various types of corona virus have been in China for centuries giving the Chinese a certain natural immunity.

The devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for individuals, families, communities, countries, and the world as a whole offers vivid proof that microbes could be just as destructive and terrifying—if not more so—than the use of nuclear weapons. And it is much less difficult to forge biological weapons than nuclear ones.

Kanatjan Alibekov, former director of one of the Soviet germ-warfare programs, said that China suffered a serious accident at one of its biological weapons plants in the late 1980s. Alibekov asserted that Soviet reconnaissance satellites identified a biological weapons laboratory. . The Soviets suspected that two separate epidemics of hemorrhagic fever that swept the region in the late 1980s were caused by an accident in a lab where Chinese scientists were weapon zing viral diseases.[12]

China’s extensive work with viruses, including laboratory research on bat corona viruses, has fueled concern that the virus that causes COVID-19 may have escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan.

The Arab oil company worker wondered why he had to keep his Chinese COVID-19 vaccination a secret. Questions raced through his head as he read the confidentiality agreement, which threatened discipline if he told anyone outside company management about the COVID-19 shot he was waiting to get.

The worker knew the vaccine maker, China National Biotec Group — part of the state-owned pharmaceutical group Sinopharm claimed it was conducting trials of this vaccine on hundreds of thousands of people in the United Arab Emirates, Peru, Morocco and other countries to protect oil workers and gain favor. It is likely the vaccine was given secretly to high ranking personnel in China before the actual outbreak last year and spread of the disease was initiated around the world.

“At least they’re in a monitored, controlled situation,” he said of those trials, watching as hundreds of his co-workers lined up around him to get their injection at a clinic in Beijing. “But for us, they can’t make any guarantees. The employee — who did not give his name for fear of reprisal — is one of hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens who have received COVID-19 vaccines.

All China’s military received their vaccinations by May or June. Medical workers and employees of state-owned companies working abroad were soon included in an “emergency use” program. In September, a China National Biotec executive said 350,000 people outside clinical trials had already received the vaccine. None has been offered to the West including the United States except for possibly key Democrats who seem immune. About 90% of Sinovac’s employees have taken the vaccine early, the company said.

Once released on the public large numbers of carriers were sent to numerous countries around the world including Italy where the disease spread throughout the world.

New York Times stats China claims it has made three of its four candidates in late-stage human testing, called Phase 3 trials, available to tens of thousands of employees at state-owned businesses, government officials and company executives since July. By July everyone was getting the vaccine.

The Chinese government has denied that the COVID-19 escaped from a laboratory.

Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said this year that U.S. intelligence agencies were investigating whether the virus escaped from a Wuhan lab or originated naturally.

While key leaders in the US, UK, France, Italy, and Sprain have gotten sick none of the key leaders in China’s military nor government leaders have gotten sick suggesting they have some sort of built in immunity or vaccine which is the mark of a biological weapon. Vaccines normally take several years to develop.

Dr Li Meng-Yan, who defected to the US after claiming she was being muzzled by China, She stated, “I need everyone to understand this is very critical for all of us.” She was lucky to escape once she found the weapon system. She published a report alleging the virus was created in a lab. Dr Li Meng-Yan, who defected to the US after claiming she was being muzzled by China, published a report alleging the virus was created in a lab.
The virologist claims lives could have been saved if the Chinese government hadn’t censored her work.

Dr Yan is formerly a specialist at Hong Kong’s School of Public Health who said her supervisor first asked her to investigate a new “SARIS-like” virus in Wuhan on December 31 — but claims her efforts were later stifled.

After reportedly being told she would “be disappeared” if she spoke out, she fled to the United States.

She wrote that the COVID-19could have been “conveniently created” within a lab setting over a period of just six months.

She adds: “SARS-CoV-2 shows biological characteristics that are inconsistent with a naturally occurring, zoometric virus.”
Real evidence of artificial manipulation and is highly speculative.”

U.S. intelligence agencies recently increased their knowledge of China’s covert biological weapons program with the help of a second defector from the People’s Liberation Army, according to people familiar with the incident.

The defector escaped from China and traveled to Europe, where he is under the protection of a European government security service, according to the sources. The PLA defector believes that Chinese intelligence has penetrated the U.S. government and is therefore wary of cooperating with the CIA and other Western spy agencies.

Still, the defector has provided some information about China’s biological arms program that has reached the U.S. government. No other details of the defection could be learned.

I believe China developed COVID-19 and its vaccine last year and decided to spread it around the world. Also saving the lives of millions with the vaccine is a very powerful propaganda to. If China provided the US with their vaccine in the spring thousands of American lives could have been saved and Trump would have likely won the election.

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