Democrats are engaged in total war against America

Democrats are engaged in total war against America

Within hours of President Donald Trump disclosing to the world that he and first lady Melania Trump were both infected with the Chinese coronavirus, leftists on social media were jubilant. CNN anchor Don Lemon was speculating on whether Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi might become president. And former Barack Obama staffer and Hillary Clinton national spokeswoman Zara Rahim wrote on Twitter, “I hope he dies.”

Earlier in the week, Chris Wallace of Fox News, a registered Democrat, teamed up with a continually lying Joe Biden to try to take down the president during Tuesday’s debate. At the same time, The Atlantic magazine, which had recently published a high-profile libelous story claiming President Trump hates and mocks war heroes, published a second, similar high-profile libelous story, this one claiming Trump hates and mocks Christians.

Before that, billionaire far-left mega-donor George Soros, who finances everything perverse, anti-law enforcement and anti-freedom in America, told an interviewer Donald Trump is “dangerous” and will “do anything to stay in power.” Soros was echoing Biden’s claim that, “It’s my greatest concern, my single greatest concern. … This president is going to try to steal this election.” Indeed, virtually the entire media establishment daily expresses anguished “concern” that Republicans will lie, cheat, steal and collude with foreign powers to win in November.

As usual with the left, this is all shameless straight-up projection – accusing conservatives of the very crimes they themselves commit. Remember, it was the Democrats who bitterly complained before the 2016 election that Trump would never accept the results – and then, when they lost, spent the next four years hysterically and illegally attempting to overturn that election and stage a coup d’etat, ripping the nation apart in the process.

Right now, amidst multiple dire crises – a president and first lady taken ill, a pandemic shamelessly politicized by the left, a delusional Democratic Party possessed by revolutionary madness, a media establishment servilely parroting the delusional Democratic Party, communist/anarchist mobs perpetrating mayhem and murder across the nation, a presidential candidate everybody knows full well is demented, and a campaign by Democrats to steal the election by whatever means possible – with all these mega-problems of the Democrats’ own making, they are all pointing their fingers at Trump!

While accusing Republicans of racist-motivated “voter suppression” and even accusing Trump of stealing mailboxes to prevent people from voting, in reality, the Democratic Party is madly pursuing every type of voter abuse and fraud known to man. Everything from encouraging non-citizens to vote (the reason they fiercely oppose voter ID laws), to insisting incarcerated criminals including mass-murdering terrorists be allowed to vote, to demanding universal vote-by-mail, to ballot harvesting, to ridiculously early voting, to abolishing the Electoral College, to same-day registration and much more.

With the epic 2020 election now just a month away, Democratic Party leaders are firmly on a WAR footing. If Republicans don’t understand that, they will lose – not just the election, but America.

After all, consider this: If the Democrats and their Deep State and media allies were willing to illegally spy on Trump, falsely charge him with colluding with America’s enemies – essentially treason; if they were willing to pervert the most powerful institutions of the government from the FBI to the DOJ; if they were willing to conduct farcical impeachment hearings; if they are now fine with politicizing the coronavirus pandemic to panic the public, tank the economy, and cause as much anxiety, pain, financial stress, joblessness and misery as possible for political gain – what will they NOT do to defeat Trump in the home stretch of November’s do-or-die election?

That’s right. There’s NOTHING they wouldn’t do.

Democrat leaders, including Hillary Clinton, have openly advised Biden not to concede the election no matter what the voters say. Meanwhile they openly fantasize about physically dragging Trump out of the White House. Biden recently said that while Trump will “try to steal” the election, he’s “absolutely convinced” the military will remove Trump from the White House if necessary. And Pelosi viciously said that Trump, who she calls “the enemy of the state,” might have “to be fumigated out of there” – as though the president of the United States is a cockroach, or vermin.

Friends, there is only one cure for the dangerous, demonic madness of leftism that has infected not only the Democratic Party and establishment news media, but also Big Tech, our entire educational system, Hollywood, pro sports, even our major corporations – and which is poised to take over our lives as well, eliminating our most cherished and foundational freedoms: free speech, free exercise of religion and the right to self-defense. These are all at dire risk should Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win in four weeks.

The cure for all these lies, of course, is TRUTH. The cure for confusion, obfuscation, doubletalk and projection is TRUTH. The cure for hysteria, demonization, indoctrination and intimidation is TRUTH.

As Thomas Jefferson so astutely said about America’s wellbeing, “The only security of all is in a FREE PRESS.” Jefferson was right; an honest, truth-based press is precious and essential for a free society.

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