Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud: With Evidence

Contrary to media denials, voter fraud is real.

I am sick and tired of the purportedly objective media quoting President Trump and injecting “without evidence,” especially when ample evidence exists. Such is the case with the President’s claims of voter fraud and the potential catastrophe that will ensue if we go to unsolicited mail-in ballots for the upcoming November election.

Years ago, I worked on the congressional committee which deals with contested elections. Our committee found extensive voter fraud in examining the Dornan-Sanchez election. That was just in California, not exploring other states at the time. Long before the Real ID Act and before the onslaught of “systemic racism” accusations, we introduced a bill to require voter ID to ensure that citizens’ votes would not be diluted or negated by the votes of those voting illegally. Even then in the 90’s, Republicans proposing this legislation were called racist and told we hated Hispanics (since that constituted the bulk of the illegal votes in California at the time). Actually, the real problem was that Democrats loved illegal Hispanics and others who voted illegally, primarily because they knew most voted Democrat to get free benefits.

I want to point out, however, that actual illegal voting or voter fraud is just one problem with mail-in voting. When President Trump refers to voter fraud, I think he is also talking in general terms about all the things that can go wrong with a mail-in election, some of which are not fraud, but would likely still result in problems that can drastically skew accurate election results.

First, actual voter fraud includes: people who vote in more than one state or county (because when they move they do not remove themselves the voter rolls of the place they left and then illegally vote more than once); people who have died are not always purged from voter rolls and yet somehow their votes are cast; and sometimes people who are not citizens vote. In some “liberal” localities, Democrats have even passed legislation allowing permanent residents or illegal immigrants to vote in local elections. Additionally, when there is no requirement to prove you are who you say you are, anyone can vote, and it’s easier to wrongfully vote in someone else’s name. Thus, lax or no requirements for addresses and proof of citizenship result can result in voter fraud.

The Democrats’ so-called coronavirus bill (“The Heroes Act) also includes the purposeful removal of legal safeguards that protect the integrity of each person’s vote. This includes on a national scale getting rid of all voter ID laws (usually voting laws are determined by the states), and permitting vote harvesting. Vote harvesting is when third parties are allowed to bring ballots to people’s homes, stand there while they are filled out, and then return them to the ballot drops. Obviously, this technique is rife with problems including harvesters filling out the ballots themselves instead of giving them to the person intended, coercing or pressuring the voter to fill it out for a particular candidate, and picking and choosing which ballots will be returned to the ballot drops. The removal of signature requirements enables anybody whose hands gets on a ballot to fill it out and without knowing if it was the intended voter. One of the ways ballots are challenged in court is through a determination of a fraudulent signature. The removal of the signature requirement serves no other purpose other than making it easier to commit voter fraud without getting caught.

Democrats also want to get rid of stamp and date requirements. For example, normally, for an absentee ballot to be counted, there is a legal requirement about either what date it has to be postmarked by and/or what date the ballot has to arrive by. Democrats want to get rid of both. Thus, when Trump said we’ll no longer have Election Day, but election week, month or season, he was absolutely right.

It is true that all states have absentee ballot voting for those who are out of state or country and for those who are sick. In other words, if you have a legitimate reason that you cannot vote in person, you can request an absentee ballot. It is a small percent of the overall vote. Even so, absentee ballot votes are often not counted because if the in-person votes are tallied and have results within a margin of error whereby the absentee ballots would not change the results, then they don’t count the absentee ballots.

However, requiring all mail-in ballots poses numerous problems. First, it eliminates the requirement that the voter requests a ballot (and thus you know the person is real) and instead mails ballots to all people on the voter rolls, which, as mentioned earlier, may be outdated and duplicative. Second, it floods the postal system with mail that it likely cannot handle at a crucial time. Think about how often the mail you get goes to the wrong house, or gets lost or delayed. Even if not often, do you want to take that chance with your most precious freedom, the right to vote? If it goes to the wrong house, it’s possible that the person receiving it can vote twice and you won’t be able to vote at all.

In this same vein, in Washington, DC, during the primaries, which has fewer voters than in a general election, the Board of Elections failed to mail out ballots to over 1100 people who requested them. Additionally, there were admitted design flaws in the ballots that did go out. In New York, it took six weeks before the final primary results were finalized. In Nevada, hundreds of thousands of ballots were rejected in two counties. Flawed procedures lead to flawed and/or delayed results. Those that conducted general mail-in voting demonstrated problems that should serve as a warning of what is to come this November.

Despite this, numerous states have changed their rules to allow broader, more sweeping mail-in voting. Litigation has been launched around the country where states refused to change their procedures, in order to pressure them to go to a mail-in system. Senate Democrats introduced legislation in 2019, titled the “Vote by Mail Act of 2019” which would have usurped states’ authority to determine their own voting methods and require them to allow mail-in voting for everyone in federal elections. Fortunately, that bill went nowhere. Right now, only five states have all mail-in voting. Some of these states have been conducting all mail-in voting for years, and though in some ways still problematic, they have tweaked the process and improved it over time. For those that don’t have it in place, now is not the time to conduct a trial or experiment on new voting methods that are doomed to be perilous.

Additionally, there are always other requirements for mail-in ballots. Absent the Democrats getting rid of every safeguard to ensure your ballot is really from you, then you still risk the danger of making a mistake or overlooking a safeguard requirement. One can forget to sign the ballot, fail to get a witness signature if required, or mail it in too late to be counted.

Additionally, the expanded time frames for voting constitute a problem. There’s a reason we originally had Election Day and not election season. No one can foresee what is going to happen between now and November 3rd. There might be an October surprise that would sway people’s votes, but only if they didn’t vote already. The Democrats want early voting which mail-in voting necessitates, in order to ensure that independents and those who can be swayed to Trump’s side will vote before the debates (that’s why Biden won’t agree to an earlier debate), before the Durham report comes out with possible indictments, and before we come out of COVID lockdown and the economy improves. It seems that Democrats are keeping localities shut down so they can blame Trump for the resulting bad economy and job losses.

Finally, I will add — and this is important — that much of this election hinges on voter turnout. Let’s face it: Biden inspires almost nobody to get out and vote. It’s mostly an anti-Trump contingent. People should have to give the slightest damn about who our president will be if they deserve to have a say. However, the Democrats want all-mail voting largely because people who normally would not be motivated to go to the polls, might vote if a ballot arrives unrequested at their house. What the hell, why not? Clearly, as you have probably figured out by now, COVID is not the reason for demanding all mail-in votes, it’s the excuse. We allow grocery shopping, pharmacy shopping and outdoor restaurants to open with social distancing. There is no reason we can’t do the same for voting, and it would still meet CDC COVID guidelines.

It is a lie that Trump and the Republicans want to “suppress the vote.” It is clear that he wants to protect the integrity of each citizen’s vote. Any effort to ensure vote integrity is framed as voter suppression by the Democrats. The only votes Trump wants to “suppress” are those that are fraudulent and those are the ones that the Democrats need in order to win.

To make matters worse, in their usual Alinskyite way, the Democrats have propagated the narrative that Trump doesn’t want post office voting because he wants to steal the election, when clearly it is they who want to do this, as the confusing, diluted, mail-in voting scheme serves no other purpose. In the event that the Democrats win, they’ll claim victory even if Trump challenges potentially illegal votes. But in the event they lose, they’ll argue that Trump “stole” the election. There’s a reason that Biden already hired 700 election attorneys to prepare.

Further, many Democrat states are reducing the number of polling stations drastically, so you’ll likely have to wait on very long lines November 3rd. Most will have the option of voting in person early under this new voting regime, and under the circumstances, that is what I suggest. The Democrat scheme to have all mail-in ballots with no safeguards, in my view is designed to cause chaos and confusion in the outcome of the most important election in our lifetimes. It is an attempt to undermine confidence in our system and destabilize our country. Unfortunately, I see only two outcomes: 1) Biden wins and we become a socialist country, losing America as we know it forever or 2) Trump wins and there will be riots across America, amidst accusations of a stolen election. Hillary Clinton has already advised Biden not to concede the election “under any circumstances.”

America is no longer “We the people.” It is the tale of two cities, with only “us” and “them.” We live in scary times.

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