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Alek Skarlatos Campaign Ad Hearkens Back to His Train Heroics

Alek Skarlatos is a hero. He was one of three young men who happened to be on the right train at the right time in Paris in 2015. He and his friends Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, who all had military experience, managed to subdue a terrorist who had plotted to shoot and kill passengers, saving countless lives.

Now, Skarlatos wants to bring his fighting spirit to Congress. He’s running as a Republican in Oregon’s 4th congressional district against Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio. On Friday the 27-year-old unveiled a new ad and his campaign theme, “Fight for the American Way of Life.”

The ad brilliantly depicts Skarlatos sitting on a train that is en route while his narration plays.

“We can feel it,” Skarlatos begins. “America is in danger.”

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