Thoughtful And Caring As A Snake

I don’t want to hear another peep about how prayerful Pelosi is. Her “faith” is as artificial as her botoxed face. To use a well-coined phrase, she is a whitewashed tomb.

While you and your family remain cooped up in your homes like Anne Frank, unable to work, unable to earn a living, unable to pay your bills, Prayerful Pelosi is on a late night comedy show showing off her expressive fridge in which she keeps her $13-dollar-a-pint ice cream.

But don’t worry. She cares about “working families.” She’s Prayerful Pelosi, don’t you know.

During an interview with MSNBC – standing in front of this same expensive fridge, Prayerful Pelosi actually congratulated her Democrat counterparts in the Senate for blocking an bill that would have replenished the Paycheck Protection Program that is rapidly running out of money.

I told you on Tuesday that House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said the House would not return until May 4th – unless there was an emergency.

PPP is running out of money because so many business owners are desperate for that loans that will enable them to pay their employees while state and local governments bar them from opening.

How in Lucifer’s reach is that not an emergency?!

How can Prayerful Pelosi clown around in her expensively appointed kitchen when millions of Americans have lost their jobs?

You’re struggling to pay the bills because your employer can no longer afford to pay you during this shutdown. And this hideous hag, instead of ordering the House back to work, would rather hang out in her kitchen and yuk it up with late night hosts.
How can anyone who claims to be so “prayerful” be so monstrous?

Actually, I can answer that question. Prayerful Pelosi knows that nobody in the press is going to challenge her. The very same news outlets that daily hurl hostile questions and accusations at President Trump will not dare to do the same to her.

Pelosi knows she can behave like an entitled, out of touch elitist while heaping all the blame on President Trump, and the American news media will happily let her get away with it. What’s more, they will happily join the pig-pile.

And aren’t they?

Nobody said boo as she paraded around her fancy-pants kitchen while fielding softball questions from a late night host.

And not one reporter will suggest that this wealthy, tone-deaf fishwife is sending the wrong message to struggling Americans.
You know what? Forget questioning what kind of “message” Prayerful Pelosi is sending.

They’re not even questioning her about the real world impact her indifference is having on the American people.

Prayerful Pelosi doesn’t care about “working families.”

Excuse my bluntness, but she doesn’t give a shit about any of you.

All Prayerful Pelosi cares about is power. And she’s more than happy to stand down and let our economy crater because she actually believes that your misfortune will be her political gain.

In that regard, the media’s priorities align with hers.

So they say nothing.

After a month of keeping us under house arrest, these callous, indifferent, awful people are proud of the fact that they’re holding the country hostage.

It’s perverse.

But it’s just who the Democrats are.

They haven’t changed. And even a national emergency that is causing untold economic devastation isn’t going to change them.
Actual thoughtful, prayerful people would never be this cruel and indifferent.

But then again, Prayerful Pelosi is as thoughtful and caring as a snake.

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