Profiles In Corruption

Here’s a small taste of the revelations PROFILES IN CORRUPTION uncovers:
How five Biden family members profited off of their relationship to Joe Biden
Elizabeth Warren’s son-in-law produced a film co-funded by the IRANIAN GOVERNMENT
Elizabeth Warren’s system for bagging MILLIONS from corporations by leveraging her position as a government consultant—despite her current boisterous stance against corporate America
Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign quietly flowed TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars to a mysterious company linked to his wife
Bernie Sanders’ scheme that allows him to steer campaign cash and favors to his family
Kamala Harris’s explosive PRIEST ABUSE COVER-UP
Eric Garcetti’s crony dealings
Amy Klobuchar’s corporate cash extraction method
…and much, much more.

PROFILES IN CORRUPTION is 368 pages and contains 1,126 endnotes packed with HARD EVIDENCE and relies on zero unnamed sources.

As the Washington Times declared, “Schweizer Strikes Again”!

(Here’s the Amazon link to save you some time.)

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