National Priorities

There were plenty of big moments that took place even before LSU defeated Clemson 42-25 Monday night at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans to win the college football national championship.

For one thing, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump made an appearance, walking out onto the field for the pregame playing of the national anthem.

The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, with the crowd chanting things like “U-S-A” and “four more years.”

While Trump’s appearance grabbed most of the headlines, there were several other important pregame moments that were caught on camera as well, even though they received virtually no coverage from the establishment media.

Specifically, players from both Clemson and LSU were captured on video praying prior to kickoff.

In one video, broadcast as part of ESPN’s pregame coverage, LSU players could be seen kneeling in a tight-knit prayer circle, their arms linked together as they prayed:

While it was an ESPN camera that captured the prayer circle, the commentators said nothing about it.

The other video, posted by a nonprofit sports news organization called The SkyBoat, showed Clemson players also standing together in a prayer circle prior to kickoff:

“A final prayer with his guys before a final ride with Clemson for coach Jeff Scott before he heads to USF,” The SkyBoat wrote on Twitter.
Scott, the co-offensive coordinator for Clemson, was set to depart the program following Monday’s game to become the head coach at the University of South Florida.

Scott also happens to be an outspoken Christian, having been featured at a 2016 Fellowship of Christian Athletes event.

“I’m a man of faith and so I’ve been able to look at my entire life, not just my career, and I’ve been able to see how the Lord has a plan and he’ll speak and he’ll let me know when’s the right time,” he said in December 2017, according to The Post and Courier in Charleston, South Carolina.

While Clemson didn’t win in Scott’s final game with the program, it’s encouraging to see that he inspired his players to focus on what really matters.

And that’s the big takeaway from both videos of the players praying — even on the biggest stage of their lives, they were making sure to come before God in prayer.

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