Impeachment Insanity – A Big Price

The high tide line for the “resistance” has been reached. The House voting to impeach President Trump was it. Now, the hysteria will recede as the Senate will banish the contrived action. After that, the folks will move ahead but the impeachment will likely damage the Democratic Party come election time as many Americans realize the rank unfairness of it.

My analysis comes as a historian not as a pundit. All presidents have “Executive Privilege “ which means they can legally fight Congressional subpoenas. Thus, the Obstruction of Congress charge is foolish.

As for the Abuse of Power charge, that could have been lodged against every single Chief Executive who has served. Think JFK and the Bay of Pigs. Consider George W. Bush and the invasion of Iraq. Contemplate Abraham Lincoln suspending Habeus Corpus. How about Barack Obama misleading Americans about federally funded health care?

The impeachment play is pure politics and has damaged the country. For that, democrats may pay a big price come next November.

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