Pro-Death Elizabeth Warren’s Planned Parenthood Scarf

Elizabeth Warren dreams of wearing Planned Parenthood scarf ‘when I’m sworn in as president’

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts declared her future presidential fashion statements in Iowa on Monday, and made her support for Planned Parenthood even more apparent than it already was. According to Life Site News, Warren said in reference to her pink Planned Parenthood scarf, “I’m gonna be wearing that scarf when I’m sworn as president of the United States.”

Warren explained that she has worn the scarf symbolically on two other occasions. “I made the decision when Donald Trump was elected — I decided I would go to the inauguration… but it was important to me what I wore. I’ll tell you what I wore: I wore my scarf that has in big letters on it embroidered, ‘Planned Parenthood’… And then the next day I showed up at [the Women’s March]; I spoke and I wore my pink Planned Parenthood scarf. Now that’s two, so here’s my plan for number three: I’m gonna be wearing that scarf when I’m sworn as president of the United States.”

What message is Warren trying to promote? More of the same, it seems. She and other presidential candidates have made clear their support for Planned Parenthood, a corporation that aborts approximately 330,000 preborn children annually, holding nearly 40% of the market share of U.S. abortions. While abortions there have increased, the abortion giant’s legitimate health services have plummeted:

Prior to her remarks about her wardrobe, Warren had come out in favor of unrestricted abortion, against legislation protection infants born alive during failed abortion attempts, in favor of easy access to the abortion pill, and more. She accepts campaign funding from Planned Parenthood, and has hired former Planned Parenthood employees to work in her campaign. Warren also recently claimed “abortion rights are human rights,” and claimed that the idea that a woman has a right to “make decisions about her own body” — a euphemistic phrase which really means taking the life of a unique human being in the womb — is a stance engrained into the Democratic Party as a whole.

Warren’s extreme views don’t match the views of most Americans. According to a May 2019 Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, “Fifty-five percent of Americans believe abortion should be limited to about six weeks gestation. Thirty-four percent of them said ‘heartbeat bills’ are ‘just right’ while 21 percent think ‘heartbeat bills’ aren’t restrictive enough.” The media, however, claims most people oppose these bills. The poll went on to find that “forty-one percent said that abortion should be allowed only in cases of rape or incest. Twenty-nine percent said it should only be legal ‘up until the 1st trimester.’”

Strangely enough, the extremist views on abortion held by Warren and most of the other Democratic candidates are only shared by 14 percent of Americans.

Supporters of Planned Parenthood, like Warren, aren’t doing American women any favors by promoting Planned Parenthood — they’re simply helping the finances of Planned Parenthood. When it comes to helping women have freedom to make their own reproductive choices, Planned Parenthood has a record of doing the exact opposite. Just last week Live Action News shut down Warren’s false claims by pointing out Planned Parenthood’s choice to ignore the abuse and sex trafficking of underage victims sent there for abortions by their abusers.

Women’s empowerment doesn’t come through abortion. Abortion exploits women and preborn children for the abortion industry’s monetary gain and devalues women as objects used for sex. With this in mind, Warren’s political values and pinked-out fashion sense take on a dark and twisted meaning.

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