Can America Handle the Truth?

Can America Handle the Truth?
By: Bill O’ReillyNovember 24, 2019
“Income Inequality” is the new attack slogan of the far left. It is being used to disparage capitalism, and portray the United States as a selfish, insensitive place.

It is certainly true that there is a wide gap between the prosperous and the poor in America. But that gap can be diminished if the truth about “inequality” was acknowledged. But in our hyper politically correct society, it will not be.

In 1965, democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan warned that the African-American family unit was under increasing pressure in poor neighborhoods. Back then, 24 percent of black children were born out of wedlock. Today, the number is a shocking 72 percent. For caucasian babies, the number is under 30 percent.

There’s your income inequality equation.

Cutting through the phony political rhetoric, there are two primary reasons that just 35 percent of African-American children are currently living with two parents. First, the welfare system; families headed by single mothers receive more government payments.

And second is substance abuse.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a scourge in America and the number one reason for child abuse and neglect. And it is absolutely neglect to fail to train your child to compete in a nation of 330 million people. Senators Sanders and Warren tell us that the federal government can mitigate economic failure but that is not true. Only individuals can do that.

The cold truth is that millions of American children of all colors are unable to develop their intellects and social skills because their parents don’t care about them. So we see a legion of teenagers unable to speak proper English, read a book, or write a coherent sentence. Many kids cover their bodies with tattoos, routinely spout vile obscenities, intoxicate themselves at will, and reject all discipline.

How will these kids ever prosper economically in adulthood?

They won’t.

Who will help them?

Not our government or public education system, that’s for sure.

In fact, some of those who scream loudest about inequality are pouring more gasoline on the fire. Many leftists are pushing for legalizing marijuana, an intoxicant extremely attractive to vulnerable teens.

By allowing pot to be openly sold, the government provides yet another easy opportunity for unsupervised children to harm themselves. Yes, illegal marijuana is widely available. But American society should continue to warn about drug involvement, not glorify and sanction it.

As a high school teacher, I saw up close what pot can do to unsupervised children. You think income inequality is bad now, wait until you see what’s coming.

And redistributing wealth from affluent Americans through onerous taxation is not going to stop that.

Only by acknowledging reality, can America begin to deal with the intense inequality problem. Responsible parenting is the key to defeating the economic failure that leads to poverty.

The truth should be told.

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