Ukraine Scandal: Clinton-Obama Deep State Crime

Fact : President Trump has the highest approval rating among Republicans in history – 95%. So no one is impeaching this President.

Now, let’s discuss why all this democrat impeachment BS is happening !

Ukraine donated more money to the Clinton Foundation than China, UK, France, Germany or Saudi Arabia.

Why would all this cash be coming from tiny Ukraine?

Because tiny Ukraine was the recipient of billions of dollars in US-taxpayer funded aid. It’s a million miles away and no one was watching.

Leading Democrats extorted kickbacks on all this US foreign aid.

Democrats under Obama got very rich. Democrats treated Ukraine as their personal fiefdom. This is how politics really works in the Democrat- controlled DC Swamp.

I’ve been writing about the role of the Clinton Foundation for years. It’s my opinion the central role of the Clinton Foundation is to extort and launder bribes from foreign countries.

But if I’m wrong, why is this Clinton US charity based offshore? A charity owes no taxes on donations. So why not base your bank accounts in the USA?

Because they don’t have to report to the US government what comes in, or where the money is going and to whom.

Simple: Offshore = no reporting. The Clinton Foundation could not afford to have anyone look/audit their books – and Government/IRS under Obama did not do so ?

In my opinion, Hillary was running her version of the Gambino Crime Family slush fund ! Jimmy Hoffa and the teamsters had nothing on the Clintons.
And everyone in the Democrat Party and Deep State got a piece, to insure no one would rat them out.

Ukraine is the key to this massive Democrat scandal. But Biden was just the tip of the iceberg.

This is all about the Obama and the Clinton Crime Family.
I believe Trump’s phone call to Ukraine’s president set off very loud alarm bells. Trump is digging in places no one has ever dared dig before.
He could expose the extortion and bribery racket of leading Democrats. That’s why the Dark Deep State decided to come after Trump. He’s messing with their livelihood.
He’s upsetting their apple cart. If he’s allowed to investigate, the jig is up.

I believe Obama named Biden his sacrificial lamb, just in case Hillary didn’t win and all of this could not be covered up.
Biden is a crook. But he’s a careless fool too. It was easy to make him the fall guy.
Trust me. This is Obama and Hillary’s scandal. Biden is just an order taker.
So, let me make this clear to Democrats: We have your number.

Justice will be served. And you’re never, ever impeaching President Trump.

This isn’t Ukraine. We don’t punish the investigator of State corruption in the United States of America. We punish the criminals.

Enter Mr Joe Biden – Ex VP in the Obama Administration and a hopeful nominee of the Democrat party for President of these United States

Few in the Democrat Party want an old white guy as the nominee anyway. Especially Obama.

So in order to frame Trump, Biden had to be sacrificed. In my opinion, this second-hand “whistle-blower” was meant to kill two birds with one stone: Trump and Biden. Biden is the Democrats’ fall guy.

But the very real story is about the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, Obama, Pelosi, Kerry and many other powerful Democrats.

Their fingerprints are all over Ukraine. Forget about the high-paying jobs for their family members. This goes much deeper – touched the third rail of Democrat/Deep State/DC dirty Swamp politics.

Trump asked Ukraine’s President to investigate massive Democrat corruption and theft of the United States taxpayers $$$ money.

Suddenly alarm bells went off at the DNC!

I believe Trump is about to expose the biggest scandal in US political history. Trump is about to put powerful people in prison.

Trump is about to destroy the Democrat Party and expose the Dark Deep Corrupt State.

Trump is not getting thrown out of office.

Not with his remarkable record of economic success for the average American worker. Not going to happen !!

63 + million American Trump voters will insure that never happens
We have your back, Mr. President.

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