The Democrat Party Plan To Destroy America

Democrats promise shortages of energy and food

Democrat party’s economic plan is 180 degrees from President Trump’s

By Curtis Ellis

President Trump promised his program of tax reform, trade reform, regulatory reform and energy reform would get the economy growing again– and it worked.

Unemployment is at a 50-year low, manufacturing is coming back, wages are rising, especially for those at the bottom two-thirds of the pay scale, and consumer confidence in the future is high.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the administration’s energy strategy in achieving these results.

Under President Trump’s leadership, The United States is now the world’s largest oil producer. This has insulated American consumers from paying at the pump for uncertain foreign supplies and the whims of Middle Eastern sheikhs.

Under President Trump’s leadership, The United States is also the world’s largest producer of natural gas. This clean-burning fuel is heating homes and offices across the country while keeping the air cleaner than ever.

American manufacturers pay less to fire their industrial furnaces than foreign competitors do. Quite literally, the Trump energy reform is fueling America’s manufacturing boom.

Farmers are benefiting from the administration’s “all of the above” strategy for energy independence as well. The EPA green-lighted year-round use for a higher blend of ethanol, E15, and is guaranteeing more than 15 billion gallons of the corn-based biofuel will be produced and sold next year.

Capping the price of renewable fuel credits to rein in speculators will ensure small independent refiners can continue to provide good paying jobs and rein in the cost of fuels Americans depend on.

Considering these results, who would want to change the formula?

The 2020 Democrats, that’s who.

Sticking with their habit of reflexively opposing anything Trump supports, the Democratic candidates propose an economic plan that is a mirror opposite image of the president’s: They want more taxes, more regulation, more globalism and less energy.

Let’s go down the list.

The media have spotlighted the auction Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and their colleagues are engaged in, outbidding each other on tax hikes. More taxes – check:

Revenues from these taxes would be used to greatly expand the administrative state – that is, to pay bureaucrats to write more regulations. More regulation – check.

Democrats gave us the disastrous NAFTA deal and now they oppose USMCA, the president’s replacement deal that puts America First. In addition, the would-be candidates insist we should wait for Europe and others to act before we stand up to China. More globalism – check.

But it is on energy that we see the starkest contrast between the two parties’ policies.

It is a choice between abundance or austerity, growth or contraction, energy or entropy.

Elizabeth Warren and her colleagues have signed on to the radical program of ending the production, transportation and use of all hydrocarbon fuels. Less energy – check.

A Warren presidency would shut down pipelines in the Great Lakes states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota and close refineries in Ohio. This would throw thousands out of work not just in the building trades, but in the steel and ancillary industries as well. The price of gasoline, home heating oil and other fuels would spike.

The Democrats promise to end the production of coal, oil and natural gas on federal lands. This would immediately crash the economies of New Mexico, Wyoming and other Western states that produce so much of our energy.

The ripple effect would be felt across the country and internationally as world prices for energy would skyrocket.

Food prices and food shortages would take off as fertilizers (made from natural gas) and transportation fuels evaporated. The cost would be measured in lives as well as dollars.

We would again be at the mercy of foreign energy from the most corrupt and unstable parts of the world.

That last point is in character for one candidate in the Democratic race for the presidency – Joe Biden.

Biden led the Obama-Biden administration’s Ukraine policy, delivering billions in aid to help that country develop its natural gas resources.

Conveniently if not coincidentally, his son soon landed a high-paying no-show job with Ukraine’s largest natural gas company.

Consider the hypocrisy: The same Joe Biden that encouraged Ukraine, one of the most corrupt places on earth, to drill natural gas, “has called for the elimination of fossil-fuel subsidies and promised to ban new leases for coal, oil and gas extraction on federal land” in the U.S., the Washington Post reports.

The “No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge” Joe Biden took clearly does not apply to his son Hunter.

Yes, a Biden presidency would lead to shortages of many kinds.

But taxes, regulations and hypocrisy would not be in short supply.

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