China harvests organs from prisoners of conscience—while they’re living.

China harvests organs from prisoners of conscience—while they’re living. And does so on a mass scale.

A lawyer for the group China Tribunal told the UN Human Rights Council that, victim for victim and death for death, cutting out the hearts and other organs from living, blameless, harmless, peaceable people constitutes one of the worst mass atrocities of this century.

This gruesome first-hand account drives home the horror of what is happening. It comes from a medical intern in China who relayed his experience to China expert Steven Mosher, who published it in the New York Post…

The prisoner was brought in, tied hand and foot, but very much alive. The army doctor in charge sliced him open from chest to belly button and exposed his two kidneys. “Cut the veins and arteries,” he told his shocked intern. George did as he was told. Blood spurted everywhere.

The kidneys were placed in an organ-transplant container.

Then the doctor ordered George to remove the man’s eyeballs. Hearing that, the dying prisoner gave him a look of sheer terror, and George froze. “I can’t do it,” he told the doctor, who then quickly scooped out the man’s eyeballs himself.

Mosher cites experts who claim some 60,000 to 100,000 organ transplants take place each year in China. And most, Mosher writes, “are obtained by executing prisoners of conscience.”

There are no words to describe the utter evil and inhumanity of this sordid practice.

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