During the Obama era, the LGBT agenda advanced quickly, taking on increasingly radical positions. The most radical of all fell at the end of Obama’s term and triggered multiple lawsuits when his administration ordered every public school district to advance transgender ideology (including in locker rooms, on sports teams, and more) or risk losing all their federal funding. Since then, the Trump Administration thankfully recognized the need to restore common sense, correct interpretation of federal laws, religious freedom, and parental rights.

YOU have been a part of this progress. In many of the policy changes highlighted below, Family Policy Alliance has provided an opportunity for you to reach out to the administration to voice your concerns. In fact, 66,671 messages have been sent by you to the Trump administration on one or more of these important matters.
Just weeks after assuming office, the Trump administration scrapped Obama’s transgender mandate on public schools.

President Trump’s Department of Defense ended a controversial policy on transgender service in the military, giving a big boost to military readiness and to taxpayers.

Prisoners, particularly females, were also helped when the Trump Administration removed yet another Obama-era policy requiring prisons to house prisoners based on their gender identity. This policy allowed male convicts who identified as female to be housed in women’s prisons, contributing to safety, privacy, religious and other concerns.

Some of the biggest changes have happened in the Department of Health and Human Services, an enormous agency with policy arms that reach almost every aspect of life. This Trump department established a special office to protect religious freedom across the entire agency, as well as issued new protections for healthcare professionals so they will not be required to perform transgender-related services.

Trump’s Department of Labor is proposing a rule change that gives religious employers more freedom in hiring and firing decisions.

Finally, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is also working on changes that would remove yet more Obama-era regulations mandating that battered women’s shelters house men who believe they are women. Regulations like these endanger the safety of women who have already been victimized and often violate the religious beliefs of the organizations involved in providing battered women’s services.
The Trump Administration’s hard work to restore common sense is possible because of you taking time to voice your beliefs and concerns.

These changes are protecting children, women, families, and the rule of law across the country.

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