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O’Reilly’s Weekly Column: ‘The Con’ – Bill O’Reilly
Elizabeth Warren is a dangerous person because she has little concept of the truth or responsible governance. The senator from Massachusetts apparently does not believe in honest reporting about herself or public policy. In short, she’ll pretty much say anything.

Recently, Ms. Warren put forth her assessment of the current “climate crisis.”

That’s right, climate change has changed. Now it’s a crisis and we all may die. Soon.

Unless Elizabeth Warren is elected president so she can change the entire economy and social structure in America in order to save all our lives.
And if you oppose Warren’s draconian changes to combat the climate crisis, then you are evil. You hate the poor and minorities. Here’s how Elizabeth Warren frames it.

“To really address our climate crisis head-on, we must address the legacy of environmental racism and recognize that climate change doesn’t impact every community equally …

“Black and Hispanic Americans are more likely to be exposed to air pollution than white Americans. Intense storms bear down on these communities – with recovery that is slow, painful, and often lacking total support from the government. Latinx families and workers are vulnerable to record heat waves and heat-related deaths.”

Now, I know Senator Warren is smarter than your humble correspondent but I am challenging her assertion that hot weather is driven by demographics, that it seeks out “Latinx families.” I do not believe storms and extreme weather stalk minority groups. Sorry.

In addition, it is a fact that the tax payers funded Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts to the tune of $114 billion. $41 billion went to relieve Hurricane Maria carnage. At least $16 billion to Hurricane Harvey.

Warren has to know that but does not care about facts that do not fit her loopy narrative: climate change will kill us – minorities first.

Socialists like Elizabeth Warren have seized on the very real problem of worldwide pollution to attempt a power grab. And only “racists” oppose them.

I wrote about this last week in a column called “The Trap.” But now things are escalating. Chicken Little is an amateur beside Elizabeth Warren who is hysterically warning that the sky is, indeed, falling. Only it will fall on Harlem and East LA first.

Senator Warren should host a podcast called “The Nonsense Zone.” Her entire presentation is preposterous.

Yet millions of Americans are buying her overall wish list: that the government should run the economy, that men should be denied due process, and that your money and assets really aren’t yours at all – they are hers for the taking.

Elizabeth Warren is an evil menace to traditional American society. Her vision would curtail individual freedom drastically. She is far more dangerous than any storm.

If she ever achieves power, climate is the least thing we’ll have to worry about.

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