Democrat-Controlled Chicago Shootapalooza Sh*tshow

A ‘gunman’ opened fire on a crowd gathered in Garland Park in Chicago’s West Side this weekend, leaving six people wounded.
Yet Another Mass Shooting Leaves 6 Wounded

As CBS News reports, according to police, the victims were among over 100 people attending a street party. Police said several altercations occurred at the gathering.

The bullets hit a 25-year-old man and five women between 27 and 38 years old.

This is a repeat of last weekend’s mass shooting (which Chicago police have released audio of)…
Below is the sound that Chicago needs to change its ways on how we handle gun offenders. Audio from the tragic shooting at 18th & Kildare yesterday shows that criminals have no deterrent to carrying illegal guns in our city and this is what residents and police are up against.

— Anthony Guglielmi (@AJGuglielmi) August 5, 2019
And every weekend before that.

Source: HeyJackass

In fact this weekend has seen 4 people shot dead and 40 more shot and wounded in Chicago.

Friday 8/9
4:10p 3400 N Cicero, Portage Park, M/19
6:30p 3300 W Cermak, Little Village, M/31
6:30p 3300 W Cermak, Little Village, M/34
8:50p 100 E 114th, Roseland, M/16
10:00p 7500 N Paulina, Rogers Park, M/40
11:30p 3600 W Douglas, North Lawndale, M/14
11:30p 7300 S Artesian, Chicago Lawn, F/20
11:30p 7300 S Artesian, Chicago Lawn, M/23
11:30p 7300 S Artesian, Chicago Lawn, M/24
11:30p 7300 S Artesian, Chicago Lawn, M/29
Saturday 8/10
12:35a 4200 W Vn Buren, Garfield Park, M/28
1:35a 8600 S Exchange, South Chicago, M/28
1:55a 3400 W 24th, Little Village, M/16
1:55a 600 N Sawyer, Humboldt Park, M/19
2:00a 900 S Western, Near West Side, M/31
2:40a 3700 W Lake, Garfield Park, M/27
6:25a 4500 W West End, Garfield Park, F/?
11:40a 8700 S Exchange, South Chicago, M/25
11:55a 2500 S Sawyer, Little Village, M/34
6:05p 2500 W Touhy, West Ridge, M/34
6:15p 3300 W Chicago, Humboldt Park, M/47
8:45p 4000 S Ellis, Oakland, M/43
9:00p 600 S Racine, Near West Side, M/20
10:35p 5700 S Aberdeen, Englewood, M/25
10:35p 5700 S Aberdeen, Englewood, M/42
11:35p 4100 W Congress, Garfield Park, M/30
11:35p 5000 W Huron, Austin, M/38
Sunday 8/11
12:10a 7100 S Champlain, Grand Crossing, M/29
1:15a 3500 W Douglas, North Lawndale, M/21
2:00a 3000 W 38th, Brighton Park, M/30
2:15a 100 N La Crosse, Austin, M/36
2:30a 200 W 63rd, Englewood, M/?
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, M/25
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, F/27
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, F/32
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, F/32
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, F/37
2:45a 3500 W Lake, Garfield Park, F/38
3:55a 1200 N Cleaver, West Town, M/23
4:10a 2900 S Dearborn, Douglas, M/37
6:35a 200 S Keeler, Garfield Park, M/21
6:50a 1200 W 82nd, Auburn Gresham, M/24
11:15a 6800 S Hamlin, West Lawn, M/27
3:55p 1000 N Monticello, Humboldt Park, F/8

The bolded list above is the mass shooting described at the top and the bolded and underlined items are those who were shot and killed.
Source: HeyJackass

So given this ‘rash’ of ‘mass shootings’ that is occurring every weekend in Democratically-controlled Chicago, where are the grieving politicians? Where is the 24/7 mainstream media crews demanding something be done?

A rhetorical question of course… because even mentioning this constant collapse of the fabric of society in Chicago is simply refuted as ‘racist’ by anyone who wants the attention glued to “white supremacists” killing honest Americans across the country.

HeyJackass sums things up perfectly:
“Following yet another Shootapalooza shitshow, expect more of the same while No Accountability Monday yields nothing of value other than petulance about tweets and stats.”

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