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“We will bring the war to the imperialist enemies’ very home,” raved Che Guevara in his Message to the Tri-Continental Conference, “to his places of work and recreation. The imperialist enemy must feel like a hunted animal wherever he moves. Thus we’ll destroy him! These hyenas are fit only for extermination. We must keep our hatred (….against the U.S.) alive and fan it to paroxysm!”

What I want to know is how in the f*ck did Che Guevara become such a revered, martyred, superhero for the hard-core loony-left. It’s almost laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. He wasn’t even a good revolutionary. He obviously failed in his attempt at world revolution. Sure he brought communism to Cuba which has been a miserable failure. Just as communism has failed every where it has been tried.

Che Guevara was eventually killed in Bolivia, trying to fire up another failure of a war. Earlier, he even managed to drop his gun and shoot himself in the face. And this is the guy that millions of retarded leftists and Hollywood celebrities, admire!!!

Che Guevara’s incompetence aside the man was a mass-murderer. Hundreds maybe thousands were reportedly executed on his and Fidel Castro’s watch, and that doesn’t include the wars he was constantly trying to start. He described his maniacal lust for war in his writings, saying he savored “the acrid smell of gunpowder and blood of the enemy’s death.” I can understand wanting to kill your enemy and even taking pleasure in it. But how this guy is a hero to the liberal anti-war crowd in the United States is truly perplexing.
Prior to the revolution in Cuba, and shortly after landing in Cuba with Fidel and Raul Castro, Che wrote his wife. In the letter, he said, “I’m here in Cuba’s hills, alive and thirsting for blood.” He enjoyed murder so much he remodeled his office at La Cabana prison. If Che couldn’t participate in the executions, he still wanted to watch. So he had a wall removed that overlooked the area where executions were carried out.

Che Guevara also loved to make the condemned families watch the executions. For example, a mother lobbied Che for mercy on her young son. Che responded by picking up the phone. He ordered the execution to be carried out immediately. He had this mother watch her son executed, so she could stop worrying about her son. He also had crowds of crying daughters and wailing mothers clubbed with rifle butts as they pleaded for their family members to be spared.

Most Americans don’t know that on November 17th, 1962, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI foiled an attack that Fidel Castro and Che Guevara had planned for us “hyenas,” in some of our favorite “places of recreation” on Black Friday. Cuban agents had targeted Macy’s, Gimbels, Bloomingdales, and Manhattan’s Grand Central Station with a dozen incendiary devices and 500 kilos of TNT. The massacre was set for detonation the following week, on the day after Thanksgiving.

It should also be pointed out what seemingly gets eliminated from the Hollywood movies attempting to glorify Che Guevara: his bouts with racism, especially against blacks. Che quotes: “Mexicans are a band of illiterate Indians.”
“The Negro is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent. “
“The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing..”

Maybe dumbass Mike Tyson should have picked up a book before getting Che’s ugly mug tattooed on his abdomen.

What’s really funny about Che Guevara, the communist who dedicated his life to fight capitalism, has now become nothing more than a piece of merchandise. Lesson learned: In the end, capitalism always wins. Death to all liberals and stupid-f*cking Che lovers!!!
So take off your silly Che t-shirt you dumbass, trendy, middle-class douchebag! Che would have killed you and all your little ‘rebel’ friends.

● Hated artists, so how is it possible that artists still today support the image of Che Guevara?
● Enforced aesthetic and political conformity.
● Sought to ban rock and roll and jazz.
● Was Fidel’s Executioner
● Ordered the execution of many people with no trial
● Served as Castro’s chief executioner, presiding over the infamous La Cabana prison
● Killing innocents earned him the nickname—the Butcher of La Cabana.
● Che & Castro executed 14,000 by the end of the decade
(In American terms, this would amount to more than 3 Million executions)
● Idolized Mao’s violence

Under Mao Zedong’s communist regime in China:
● You had no right to right to think.
● The punishment for questioning Mao’s authority was often death.
● Mao killed 65 million people—which dwarfs Hitler’s body count.
● Mao is a murderer…The biggest mass murderer in human history.

100 MILLIONS killed by Communism

U.S.S.R – 20 million deaths

China – 65 million deaths

Vietnam – 1 million deaths

North Korea – 2 million deaths

Cambodia – 2 million deaths

Eastern Europe – 1 million deaths

Latin America – 150,000 deaths

Africa – 1.7 million deaths

Afghanistan – 1.5 million deaths

Communist parties not in power – about 10,000 deaths

“Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any enemy that falls in my hands! My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!”
– Che Guevara

“Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. This is what our soldiers must become.”
– Che Guevara

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