Trump Tells Foreign Countries They Need To Protect Themselves

Trump Tells Foreign Countries They Need To Protect Themselves: ‘We Don’t Even Need To Be There’

President Donald Trump on Monday said nations worried about the safety of oil tankers bound for their ports should play a role in protecting their own interests and not expect the U.S. to be the only nation defending traffic in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz.

“China gets 91% of its Oil from the Straight, Japan 62%, & many other countries likewise. So why are we protecting the shipping lanes for other countries (many years) for zero compensation,” Trump wrote in a pair of tweets.

“All of these countries should be protecting their own ships on what has always been a dangerous journey,” he continued. “We don’t even need to be there in that the U.S. has just become (by far) the largest producer of Energy anywhere in the world!

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