Keep America Great

by Anita Untersee

President Trump announced his candidacy last night at another of his electric high energy rallies with 20,000 fans.These rallies can’t be ignored, because they demonstrate the passion we feel for a President who understands that WE WANT AMERICA TO BE SOVEREIGN!

It is chilling to imagine where we would be now if by the grace of God, he had not been elected.

But this speech reminded me how important it is for us to remain vigilant and support the campaign to Keep America Great! The President allowed the raucous audience to vote between the current MAGA slogan and the new Keep America Great theme by the decibel level of their cheers, which rose to an ear splitting choice for Keep America Great.

Trump relates to his audience because he loves this country. He told us when he walks through the doors of the beautiful White House, he’ll never forget who sent him there. He’s fighting for us, its not easy, he remarked, but I love it. It’s a great feeling.

The President challenged us to imagine what our lives would be like if the Democrats had won, our Patriotic movement under assault, the same angry left wing mob fueled by rage trying to shut down free speech, strip Americans of their Constitutional rights and bring in illegal immigrants only to expand their political base.

The far left has a hatred of our values, they want to destroy us. That is the understatement of the year!

One news reporter from CBS, stated that he felt like Trump and his supporters live in a parallel universe. Well if that’s true, it’s a universe where we have been blessed by God by living in the greatest nation on earth.

We believe in freedom and we believe that every life is a sacred gift from God. We believe marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman. And the only sanctuary cities should be for law abiding citizens, protected from criminals.

In reference to how the system is rigged, he reminded us of the 33,000 emails subpoenaed from Hillary Clinton that were deleted and acid washed ( a very expensive way to dispose of them, “Nobody does that”, he quipped ) “Yet we may still find them, he hinted, deep inside the State Department.” I sure hope so!

He noted, “If I got a subpoena for my emails and deleted even one, maybe a love letter to Melania, it would be the electric chair!

He also recalled the disastrous day when Hillary called his supporters Deplorables, in fact she also called them Irredeamables, and the next day hundreds of his audience showed up in Deplorable Tshirts. “That’s the problem with politics,he laughed, one word can ruin your career! “

President Trump has a notable list of incredible accomplishments such as

The rejection of the Paris Accord
Rebuilding the Military
Cut “the hell” out of regulation
Made us number 1 in oil and gas production and we still have crystal clean air and water.
Dropped the individual mandate on Obamacare ( paying a penalty for not buying insurance
Americas lowest unemployment in history, 6 million new jobs
Closing sanctuary cities
Many favorable trade deals
Continues to tackle illegal immigration against all odds
Will appoint and confirm more judges than any other president except George Washington.
Continued the fight to Drain the Swamp, the results will be seen over the next months.
All this was accomplished in just 2 years while undergoing the biggest political witch hunt in American history, the failed Mueller special investigation of Russian collusion. After 2 years and 40 million dollars, not a shred of evidence was found.
Yet Obama’s blatant remark caught on an open mic whispering to the Russian foreign minister stating that after the election he would have more “flexibility” has been ignored by the fake news.
Not mentioned was the Uranium One deal which took place during the Obama administration transferring some 20% of US uranium to Russia and earning the Clintons at least 500k through their now defunct Clinton Foundation. What collusion?

Trump promised to fight for America with every ounce of heart and soul and sweat. I plan to be on the front lines with him.

Together, We Can Keep America Great!

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