Islam – Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

For far too long we have lived…as second class citizens and I’m tired of it…no matter how much we have tried…people have always worked on finding a way to not allow for every single liberty to be extended to [Muslims].
I say raise hell, make people uncomfortable.

That’s what Rep. Ilhan Omar said to a crowd of fellow Muslims at a CAIR event in Los Angeles just days ago.

Days before a Jihadist stole a U-Haul looking for a crowd of infidels to plow into.

Is this what Omar represents? Is this what she meant when she told Muslims to raise hell?

Omar spoke at an event for an organization with well documented links to terrorism as if they were the victims.

A religious and racial minority was elected to one of the highest offices in our country.

She makes a habit of mocking, insulting and blaming the country that gave her everything she has – and we’re supposed to believe that SHE of all people is oppressed??

This is classic Jihadist manipulation – and something that every man, woman and child must be made aware of before it’s too late… for any self-proclaimed patriot that wants to save America from repeating Europe’s mistakes.

You see, Jihadists like Omar are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

They decry Islamophobia and position themselves as a helpless, persecuted class – all while preparing to devour us whole.

And if America stands a chance, we don’t have a moment to spare.

Because Jihadists have used the same tactics for centuries to destroy and conquer civilizations – and if we’re going to save the West, we must understand this enemy in order to defeat it.

The key is to get the truth out about what’s happening to our country – and more importantly, how to stop it – in the face of blatant, tyrannical censorship from the socialist powers that be.

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