H.R. 5 – Democ-rats “Equality Act

And then there’s H.R. 5, known as the Equality Act, which has been getting attention as of late. As Terry Schilling wrote in The Daily Caller, its idea of “equality” may or may not be yours.

“The ‘Equality’ Act would make it illegal to make private spaces such as changing rooms, bathrooms, and even your local gym’s locker room only open to women. Girls in school will have no say over who can enter their bathrooms and locker rooms,” Schiller wrote.

“Battered women’s shelters can and will be sued and shut down if they refuse to let men who claim to identify as women room with abused women.

The ‘Equality’ Act would even criminalize doctors who refuse to perform sex-change surgeries simply because a patient ‘wants it.’”

This is a “legislative priority” of the Democ-rats.

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