Witch Hunt – See A Witch

What happens when this Russian collusion eventually gets pointed at the right people?
Hillary Clinton is asking herself that very question. Because, if a high-level Leftist operative sees the farce as witch hunt, the public eventually needs to see a witch.

Hillary Clinton provides the first clue. And there will be others who decide to stand outside the blast zone.

While the Democrat field of potential candidates included everybody 8 to 80, blind, cripple, and crazy, we begin to see them leaving faster than a white woman in Compton.

Soon few will want to be associated with the party who attempted a coup of President Trump.

Moreover, the levels to which the Left sank to get Trump will be studied for millennia.

Democrats’ blind faith in their corruption killed their party. And the carnage is easier to spot than a mole on your forehead.

The Clinton Dynasty ended. Barack Obama’s legacy lies in tatters, with only the most devout holding on to threads.

Ask any Democrat who leads the party and see what answers you get.

The Democrats proved to be the party of elite whites and far-Left lunatics.

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