Senator Manchin – Standing Up For Life

A Picture Is Worth 60 Million Lives… and Counting

In last evening’s State of the Union address, President Trump made a special point to call out Governors Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) and Ralph Northam (D-VA) for their very recent advocacy of late-term abortion—up to the moment of delivery. In Northam’s case, he openly supported infanticide—that’s right, Northam is advocating that a child can be born and withheld care until the mother decides whether her baby should live or die!

President Trump made the point that “all lives should be cherished,” calling on Congress to “pass legislation that limits abortion to under 20 weeks,” the time at which a preborn baby can feel pain. Cheers from prolife lawmakers filled the room—thrilled that a sitting president would call for strong prolife legislation.

But, in an act of defiance, liberals sat on their hands revealing that abortion is their holy grail and that they will do anything to keep it—thereby trouncing on 60 million Americans lost to abortion and God knows how many more!

if you have an extra 30 seconds, please take a moment to thank Senator Joe Manchin (202-224-3954) from West Virginia for his stand.

We just did.

He is a Democrat Senator who notably stood and applauded when the President called for all life to be cherished.

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