Illegal Immigrant Killed Son – Parents Will Attend SOTU

The parents of a Tennessee man who was killed in a car crash by an illegal immigrant will attend President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, thanks to the work of Republican lawmakers.

Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee announced Thursday that Republican Congressman Tim Burchett’s wife had given up her seat so that both D.J. and Wendy Corcoran can attend the event.

Pierce Corcoran, 22, was killed in December after he was hit head-on by illegal immigrant Francisco Eduardo Franco-Cambrany, the Knoxville News-Sentinel reported.
Pierce Corcoran — an aspiring personal trainer — was killed in a head-on car crash by illegal alien Franco-Cambrany.
The lawyer says: He Deserves to Stay in U.S.
This “illegal alien was driving without a license and without proper registration for…
— Kurt von Schleicher (@kurtwvs) January 29, 2019
“The tragedy the Corcoran family has endured is one no family should ever have to experience,” Blackburn said. “The attendance of Pierce’s parents at the State of the Union serves as a reminder that we as a Congress have a duty to keep the American people safe. It is an honor to attend with Captain Corcoran.”

“My wife gladly gave up her spot for the Corcorans, and I’m honored to have them in attendance at the State of the Union,” Burchett said. “I have been friends with their family for years, and I can’t imagine how difficult it was losing Pierce. Congress has to get to work on stronger laws and increased border security so tragedies like this might be prevented in the future.”
Pierce Corcoran’s family met with Senator Marsha Blackburn, Vice President Mike Pence and Presidential Adviser Kelly Ann Conway in order to continue to speak out about border security:
— WATE 6 On Your Side (@6News) January 17, 2019
“With this, this Tuesday, I don’t know what to say about it,” D.J. Corcoran said. “We’re going open-minded, open-eyed to look and see what happens and to see what Pierce and God have in store for us.”

Corcoran said he is looking for purpose in everything that has happened.

“We feel like there’s a reason that we’re going. We don’t know it yet, but we’ll find out,” he said.

“A week ago, we were at an event that we were invited to, but didn’t know what we were going to do there or why we were going, and we ran into the ER physician that was working when Pierce came in, and we both teared up,” D.J. Corcoran said. “I said, ‘I didn’t know why I came here today, but now I do. I’m supposed to talk with you.’ It gave a little bit of closure for that in particular,” he said.
It is an honor to join with @timburchett to bring DJ and Wendy Corcoran as our guests to the State of the Union. #JusticeForPierce
— Sen. Marsha Blackburn (@MarshaBlackburn) January 31, 2019
The family has networked with the Angel Families organization, which helps families whose children were killed by illegal immigrants.

The Corcoran made a trip to Washington with the organization.

Republicans were glad to meet with them, D.J Corcoran said. Democrats, not so much.

“We tried to meet with (Speaker of the House Nancy) Pelosi and (Senate Minority Leader Chuck) Schumer, but they wouldn’t even give us the time of day,” he said.

“I give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they were busy, but all the other people were receptive and were able to see us. And for me, you can slam the door in my face, I don’t care. But out of respect for my son, please. That hurt,” he said.

Corcoran said illegal immigration exploits people like the man who is alleged to have killed their son. “There’s people that are staying in the country at the hands of business owners that employ them,” D.J. Corcoran said.

“They know they’re illegal, but they continue to keep them here and they’re exploiting them. They’re exploiting their talents they’re not paying them their wages. It’s cheap wages and it’s not fair for either side. And it forces those people to stay in the shadows, in the background, and not do the things that citizens are required to do – like getting a driver’s license and being insured,” he said.

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