Defense Department Can Begin Wall Construction

Is the wall complete? Is our Southern border secure from unlawful immigration invasion, drugs, terrorists, etc.? Is President Trump showing the world how evil the Left’s demonic socialism is… “open borders, unrestricted immigration, sanctuary cities and college campuses, on demand murder of newborn babies, etc.”… and the imminent threat that it poses to all the is good about “America”… and America? The wall is a structure and a symbol of the President’s number one responsibility… to protect American citizens from all threats, foreign and domestic.

Ask yourself why the wall is not complete since 2006?

Secure the border. When the “wall” is complete and functional, I will rest easier about the future of our democratic republic. In between time, you can look at “photos” and unfulfilled public law acts… and, you should be concerned about the future welfare of our nation.

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