2019 Predictions – What will you do if…

Anticipating events to come in the year ahead doesn’t involve reading tea leaves or being clairvoyant. It merely requires studying real history, studying real current events (not fake news) and using common sense to make application of the natural progression of things.

The problem is that so many people don’t look ahead any further than the end of their noses. Couple that with the fact that most are trapped by conventional wisdom and normalcy bias and steeped in establishment propaganda and you have masses of people who are little more than walking zombies reacting to sights and sounds around them with little thought to long-term consequences.

It’s small wonder that most people live paycheck to paycheck. Many were producers and savers, yet have been reduced to the crumbs of minimum wage by government regulations and dollar devaluation. Yet many also stay either lost in a fog of pop culture or agitated beyond reason by the divisive politics that are fed to us through the mainstream media. They don’t know how to look beyond the noise.

My mother used to say that the Lord takes care of drunks and fools. Well that worked in her day, but it’s more complicated now. We have the unprecedented problem of ignorance and mass deception, coupled with poverty and mass malnutrition. These are real problems and they are getting worse.

May God bless all of you in this coming year. But also remember that God helps him who helps himself!

Any prudent and wise person who is watching events in the U.S. would know that we are witnessing the last gasp of the elites in their desperate attempt to preserve the present system which is collapsing. The end can’t be far away.

There will be no changes to stop the movement of events. The American people are asleep. All politicians are just kicking the can down the road hoping that they can milk the system a while longer. The fat pensions that they hope for and expect will evaporate with paper money. They are numb to reality.

There is potentially great danger and great hardship ahead. All the government can do is print more money and keep promising everybody everything.

The elite who run the show want to get everything they can out of the system before it collapses. They rely on the fact that not one American in a million suspects that they are gradually becoming impoverished by depreciation of the currency. Depreciation of the currency is warfare by the government against the people. Only a handful of Americans realize what is happening. I feel that you are aware and concerned and are and have been preparing for survival.

Evidence of the collapse of America is everywhere for those who have eyes to see.

Here’s what I anticipate in 2019 and beyond:
– Democrats have signaled they are all in on removing guns from the American people, and Trump has signaled he’s willing to capitulate with his recent unconstitutional ban on bump stocks. A bill to ban so-called “assault weapons” will pass the House with minimal Republican support. It will fail in the Senate. But a compromise “red flag”-type bill to remove weapons from “dangerous people” will pass Congress and be signed by the president. Prominent Republicans are already hinting they’re onboard. Under “red flag” laws, anyone can report to authorities that a person is potentially dangerous and law enforcement can confiscate his weapons. This is a blatant violation of due process, but the Constitution is meaningless in this day and age. There will also be moves — some successful, some not — to require insurance to own firearms, register to purchase ammo, etc. Americans will, by and large, capitulate. There has never been a more dangerous time to your liberties than now.
– Economic gun control will continue with banksters and credit card companies squeezing gun and ammo manufacturers and sellers and big tech shutting down any information on weapons-related products.
– Big Tech will continue to stifle free speech. Conservative ideas will be classified as “wrong-think” and shadow-banned if not banned outright. This is already underway.
– Recession coming. It’s already begun. Trump has taken credit for the rising stock market, though it’s not of his doing, but a natural offshoot of money printing and artificially low interest rates. He’ll have to wear it as the market crashes. And crash it will. Trump’s tariffs, another bursting housing bubble and bursting auto loan bubble will usher in another recession. Even Alan Greenspan is warning of a coming “stagflation;” a period of high inflation, high interest rates, rising unemployment and stagnant economy. Signals are flashing “Red Alert,” and the Fed is fomenting it, as our colleague Brandon Smith has told you repeatedly.
– Gold and silver will break out of their doldrums.
– Congress will pass some sort of Obamacare light to replace Obamacare, which was ruled unconstitutional by a federal court but remains in place until the Supreme Court hears the case. It will just be another collectivist scheme that denies you health freedom.
– Trump’s popularity will sink even among his most die-hard fans in the wake of his ban on bump stocks, capitulation on gun control, failure to build a wall and bad economic news.
– The transgender cult will continue its drive to abject absurdity, and religious and economic liberty will continue to suffer because of it. Transgenderism is a mental disorder treated as science by the leftist social Marxists. There are currently 117 different “genders” listed on the website Genderfluid Support. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, about 0.6 percent (1.4 million) U.S. adults identify as transgender or “gender nonconforming.” Based on this number, researchers posit that approximately 150,000 children aged 13-17 identify as transgender. But by the way it dominates society, one would think there are 100.4 million transgenders rather than 1.4 million.
– War on the horizon. Trump has announced a pullout of troops from Syria. But globalists still want war with Iran (as a proxy war with Russia) and machinations are underway in South America, where unseen powers are orchestrating a war between Venezuela and Columbia. Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton, a neocon war hawk leftover from the George W. Bush administration, has labeled Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela as a “troika of tyranny,” echoing Bush’s “axis of evil” line and signaling regime change is ahead for one or more of those countries.
– Civil war in America increasingly likely. There is great ideological and cultural divide in America now. Conversation and reconciliation between the two sides seems impossible at this point. And if Democrat efforts to impeach Trump occur before Trump has sacrificed all his campaign promises (and voter goodwill) to the globalist collective, the Trumpsters may go to great length to save his presidency.
– The EU will break apart. The issue is not just gas taxes, as the media would have you believe. The revolts in France, Belgium and Romania are in response to the oppressive global climate scam and the influx of Third World (Moslem) immigrants that are destroying those nations’ economies and cultures.
– Establishment of a national DNA database. This is already happening commercially with people purchasing genetic testing services from private companies. The Feds will suck all that data up — if they haven’t already — and if you aren’t already in the database will either acquire your DNA surreptitiously during medical procedures (perhaps as a provision in a new Obamacare replacement law) or require everyone to submit DNA. They will do this under the auspices of locating criminals and/or weeding out diseases.
– Medical privacy gone. Judges are now issuing search warrants allowing police to perform invasive medical procedures from blood draws to cavity searches to surgeries on unwilling people suspected of hiding or using drugs. Some of the worst public policies imaginable are justified by the political class under the mantra of “keeping you safe” and “for the children.”

The U.S. is in default against the American people as well as the rest of the world who hold American dollars.

I trust you have accumulated cash, gold and silver, food and water, and guns and ammo. If you have, whatever you do, don’t brag to friends and family about it, and don’t post anything on social media you don’t want the world to know about.

We must go through the fire at some point, but better times will follow. There is always the hope that enough Americans will resist the Deep State and the plans of the elites that we will turn a corner. Just look at New Jersey, where not one person has turned in their now-illegal ammo magazines. The more of us who make this type of hard stand against oppression, the safer and freer we become.

For example, take back your stock certificates from your broker while you still can. They want to lend your stock for shorting. You still can, but not for long, in my opinion.

It is not too late to buy gold and silver coins. In fact, now is the perfect time. Keep them in your personal possession. Right now survival is our No. 1 priority when it comes to physical gold. The establishment, the media and the financial industry have lied about gold and sold the public on paper assets.

There is still only a trickle of people who actually own gold. I

For real estate, the feds don’t require you to report on personally held offshore real estate in any form that is for personal use.

I don’t recommend collectibles because they do often require some sort of certification of value. That can be used to force you to claim its value and report it, but for now, any collectible you own — no matter the market value, and no matter where you hold it — is not reportable to U.S. authorities.

I wish you all good health and a happy New Year.

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