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Frontpage associate editor Christine Williams reveals the real culprit behind illegal immigration.

On December 25, the US Customs and Border Protection said that the second migrant child died after being apprehended over an illegal entry attempt in the United States over the past month. Sputnik spoke about it to Christine Douglass Williams, a human rights activist and former director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

Sputnik: In your view, why is the mainstream media not focusing on the fact that children are being used as human shields by parent to cross the border illegally?

Christine Douglass Williams: Mainstream media is primarily Left-leaning and partisan at best, an activist at worst. The globalist, no-borders agenda is the political priority of Democrats. The Left-leaning media feasts on anti-Trump rhetoric to disparage and malign him in the eyes of the general population.

Nothing is worse than an uncaring, inhumane bigot who doesn’t care about children dying. So, portraying Trump as “bigoted”, “racist”, “nationalist”, “uncaring” in his opposition to illegal immigration is the worse. Holding the illegal migrants accountable is contrary to the open-door mission.

The mainstream media will not inform about any facts that may sway public opinion away from the Democrat agenda. The recklessness in reporting real news is even immoral. The obsession of the media is “Russian collusion” when it comes to Trump when there is no evidence of such.

The Caravan’s violation of American sovereign borders is a crisis, however. The right of Americans to know who is entering their borders, investigations of the political power brokers who are driving illegal immigration activism-and the real victims that stand to lose big from that drive-are important for mainstream media to be focussing on.

But, children being used as human shields to cross the border illegally is not expedient to report about widely. Imagine, throwing rocks at border agents while using women and children as human shields being pushed out in front as they attacked authorities. This is monstrous, but to advance a no-border agenda, it is the Border Patrol agents who are doing their jobs to protect America and uphold the law that is being portrayed in the media as Boogeymen.

Sputnik: Why haven’t children rights groups and activists focused on this problem more?

Christine Douglass Williams: Because these so-called children rights and activist groups who have also been largely silent about the abusive treatment of children in what is known as the “North Triangle” (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) have the same vision of Open Borders and get massive funding from globalists. Over the last two years, there has been at least a 110% increase in male adults showing up at the border with children; children who are being exploited by smugglers and drug traffickers to enter the country.

Over 600 convicted, hard-core criminals have already been discovered to be among the migrant caravan. The Northern Triangle is among the most corrupt in the world, trafficking in anything from drugs to people to human organs.

The tolerance of kingpins of corruption ramming through the US border and exploiting children in the process is abhorrent. Among so-called ‘human rights’ groups who have not focussed on the truth about children of the caravan is Pueblos Sin Frontera (People Without Borders) which is the group actually behind the Caravan. Pueblo Sin Fronteras is a member of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, a Leftist coalition of activists that has been promoting illegal migration for years; and which is funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Sputnik: Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie Waldman has blamed the settlement for creating a massive loophole which allows alien family units to illegally cross the border and enter the United States after a short detention. Do you think this is the cause of the problem?

Christine Douglass Williams: No. The cause of the problem is the violation of American rule of law and the abetting of this crime by Democrats who are destabilizing America, putting its citizens at risk and who also have ignored the real plight of the children and women among the caravan. The loophole, however, has become part of the problem, because it is being exploited by illegals. Waldman rightly stated that rampant fraud was taking place because illegals know full well that when they bring a minor with them, they will be apprehended and then, simply released into the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security has stated that nearly 200 families have already been caught lying about their relationships to get across the border. Also, some women and children have gone missing among the caravan because they were trafficked. Add to that the gruelling trek itself. It is a humanitarian crisis created by globalists who could have worked on a viable plan to assist these countries.

The UN has an international mandate in the security and peacekeeping of nations in need, using mediation, even deploying peacekeeping operations. But we know the UN has also become activist in its work, is pro-open borders, and has moved to legitimize and prioritize economic migrants via its UN Migration Pact.

Sputnik: The Guatemalan government has expressed concern over the children that have died at the border, however, they don’t seem concerned by the number of people fleeing their country. Why do you think that is?

Christine Douglass Williams: Of course the Guatemalan government is expressing concern over the few children. It detracts from its own embarrassing internal problems. The government actually warned its people previously not to join in the caravan. It referenced the latter as a political mission. Yet, Guatemala has no interest in showcasing its internal failures on a global stage, so it stays mostly quiet, except to express concerns about children dying at the border.

Let’s take a glimpse at the state of affairs in Guatemala: a shocking Reuters report revealed that the sex trafficking of children is rampant, and many of these children are even being sold into the sex trade by their own mothers. The Guatemalan Government is corrupt, businesses are corrupt with impunity, and the police is corrupt. Even the military-which serves as an arm of government to maintain so-called security and policing efficiency-is corrupt. Military personnel often exploit their positions to operate within illegal networks for personal gain.

The Guatemalan government is so corrupt in fact, that back in September, Guatemala’s Constitutional court ordered the involvement of a UN-backed anti-corruption commission to run investigations into the entire government’s power structure, but the President (Jimmy Morales) didn’t want to cooperate. It isn’t difficult to see why the Guatemalan government will try to save face about its internal corruption and about its people evacuating.

The country needs change like many others which are mismanaged but busting through borders illegally while also exporting an element of the crime is not the solution.

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