Chief Border Patrol agent tells the TRUTH about migrants who tried to breach the border yesterday and the Left isn’t going to like it


This morning CNN interviewed Chief Patrol Agent Rodney Scott who was in the middle of what happened yesterday as the migrants threw rocks at Border Patrol agents when trying to breach the border.

Much to the shagrin of the MSM, Scott tells the truth about what happened yesterday and it’s not something the left is going to want to hear.


Scott explains that these ‘peaceful protesters’ weren’t peaceful at all and he challenged the notion that they were just there to seek asylum. He said they were moving up and down the border with a Honduran flag and then began throwing rocks at the border patrol.

When asked about tear gassing women and children, Scott explained that they had to protect themselves and others from the violent migrants. But he also noted that he finds it unconscionable that children would be brought into a situation like this. In fact Scott says that it was a tactic of the migrants to put women and children in harm’s way:

“What we saw over and over yesterday is that the group, the caravan as we call them, would push women and children to the front and then begin basically rocking our agents.”

Honestly that sounds more like the actions of terrorists than it does peaceful economic migrants who just want asylum.

Watch the video for much more…

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