When Did It Become Fashionable To Attack The President, Daily?

by Tony LaRoy

Let me start by stating that Mr. Trump has a lion share of the blame for negative new stories on him or his administration. I’m still baffled that he still tweets. Most of us are all aware of what social media is. It’s a place for everyone to have an opinion without any responsibility. It’s a place with anonymity and where it is fashionable to “trash” anyone and everyone.

There is a reason why public company CEOs don’t post on social media themselves and the company only posts official messages. If President Trump used social media to clarify his position on issues and to speak directly to the world, then I am all for it. But if he uses it to call out individuals? Like LeBron James? Come on, you’re better than that.

The major issue I want to highlight today is how Main-Stream Media has taken upon itself to create an air of hostility and hate in America towards the President. Proof? I like to use Flipboard as a new feed. Today, 8 articles in my feed that are critical of President Trump. None positive or neutral. Apple News, 10 negative, nothing positive or neutral. Google search, entire first page under “Trump News” is negative.

You can argue that there is nothing positive to say…but you would be wrong. There are many positive or neutral stories being written about the Trump Administration of of the Administrations accomplishments, the trouble is, you can’t find them unless you go hunting.

You can find the occasional article on USA today, Politico, The Verge, The Atlantic, The Guardian and others, the trouble is that are not featured in a way that reaches most Americans.

Social Media Networks, each have their own algorithms to decide what subscribers get to see and hear. The TV networks decide what you get to see and hear and the Newspapers and Magazines also decide what you see to see. The notion of free-speech when it comes to Social Media and Main-Stream Media is laughable. Anyone can say just about anything in American, but a handful of companies decide who can see and hear it.

So when you feel the anger in the air, and don’t even want to hear the Trump name or see one more article about him or his administration, you should ask yourself why this is? We are all being conditioned by the select few that control the internet and airwaves. There is nothing feee about this.

My Recommendation? Mr. Trump and his Administration need to develop a direct path to the American People and the World. They need to provide the facts and not politicize the process. We want to know:

  • What are the issues
  • What are possible solutions
  • What is recommended solution
  • What is the process to implement it
  • How much will it cost

I also want to see a report card. What has been done, what is in process or what is dead. I would also love to see a place where we can provide input to the process, but I’ll save that for another day.

Mr. Trump, quit relying on people and companies to get your message out, as it is not working. Be direct. We will either like you and your policies or not. But at least you know it will be based on merit and not manipulation.


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