What Mob Rule Would Look Like

by Scott Powell

“For those who can’t fathom what mob rule would look like in the United States, the 11th-hour ambush of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh reveals all you need to know: unscrupulous tactics of personal destruction exploiting the #MeToo movement to set the stage for presumption of guilt ginned up by media sensationalism that feeds mob rule.

Is Democratic Party leadership now all in with Saul Alinsky, whose ’10 Rules for Radicals’ are simply ‘the ends justify the means’?

Regardless of party affiliation, citizens need to take a stand now, and voting remains the surest way to send a clear message.

It’s time to repudiate mob rule and high-level corruption that has severely harmed federal government institutions — the FBI, the Justice Department, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and constitutional due process.

The most important issue this midterm election is not the candidates but rather the political parties and where each stands on rule by constitutional law vs. rule by deep state elites and mob rule.

Make that determination and get out and vote.”

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