We Need A Trump-style Pope

The Pope urges we embrace migration whilst he lives behind walls… and we are in the ‘front line’

By Ben Perchiron

One has to go back many centuries to find a Pope who is doing more damage to the Catholic Church, both its image and its followers, than the current Pope Francis.
I am appalled by his constant preaching of how Christians should treat economic migrants flooding First World nations.
He was hailed as an “progressive outsider” and a “liberal reformer”, and for all the wrong reasons. The recent lurch towards the left by the Church has been widely documented and is stunningly obvious within almost every pronouncement uttered by this Pontiff.

Previous popes have murdered individual enemies and committed atrocious acts against their rivals, most of them acting in a manner which largely reflected the loose mores of the Dark or Middle Ages they belonged to. If you thought you were safe from the effects of “bad” or “evil” popes, you had better think again.

None of those barbaric popes ever incited the invasion of their dominion by a horde of literally millions of people who not only share a diametrically opposite religious ideology to Christianity, but seem bent on converting Europe and North America, not the other way around.

Moreover, he does so knowing full well that the invaders are committing acts of medieval atrocity on a daily basis across much of his realm, yet this Pope repeatedly urges us to embrace the wave of enemies reaching our shores.

It does not surprise one, then, to learn that this pope’s father fled the rise of fascism in Italy under Mussolini in 1929, which may give us a clue as to the sort of beliefs Pope Francis would hold in later years.

I wasn’t shocked at all when the pope received, smiling, the gift of a crucifix by leftist populist President of Bolivia Evo Morales, and it was shaped as a hammer and sickle.

I’m not even that stunned by his complete lack of honesty and transparency in the recent sex scandals involving several bishops – and his unwillingness to admit and eradicate the problem from the church.

However, I am appalled by his constant preaching of how Christians should treat economic migrants flooding First World nations.

In Europe they are from mainly Muslim nations in Northern Africa and have been flooding the continent for many years now, whereas in America the invasion is from the gang-enriched poor Central American countries, now highlighted by the “caravan” marching to the US border.

We Christians are clearly paying a steep cost for this invasion. The cost is measured in living conditions, civil unrest, mass sexual violence, and economically as well as in actual lives.

Many of these supposed “refugees” end up terrorizing our streets with machetes, guns, acid and vehicle attacks, and bombs. That is, when these invaders are not raping our women and children.

Yet at every possible turn, this leftist Pope has chosen to ignore his flock in its time of need, whilst praising and encouraging further undesirable migration.

If the Pope is fine with sexual abuse in-house, why would he be bothered by it all across the continent? Is it any wonder then that the Church is losing its followers in droves, whilst Islam is expanding dramatically?

The West badly needed a Trump-style Pope to protect its values, combat its socialist tendencies, its vast corruption and to staunch the ebb of followers and the flow of immigrants.

Someone who knows how to fight for his people. Instead, it got the Papal equivalent of an open-borders-on-steroids Hillary Clinton-type.

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