Forcing Demographic Change

It isn’t just the issue of immigration that is changing the demographics. The rate at which white Americans are giving birth is declining.

David Risselada

There is a mob heading to the American border. A mob no doubt driven by the belief that they are owed something by the United States. They are almost certainly being funded by George Soros while undoubtedly receiving the full support of the Democrat Party. This will culminate into a crisis of epic proportions if not stopped.

It has the potential to re-define what we consider to be our sovereign nation. As they burn our flag and proudly display their own, this five-thousand strong invasion force would have us believe they are seeking a better life in the U.S. and are fleeing poverty and oppression.

If this is the case then why are they burning our flag? If our nation is so racist, as the Democrats would have you believe, why will they insist we let these people in to have a chance at a better life? How can they have a better life if we are so racist? The truth is that this is an attempt to completely remake the demographics in our country and eliminate the white majority, period.

It is estimated that there are at least eleven million illegal immigrants living in the United States, according to the Pew Research Center.[1] The cost to the US taxpayer is staggering. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the hardworking, taxpaying American citizen shells out approximately 135 billion dollars a year.[2] This averages out to over eight thousand dollars per illegal alien.

That is an unsustainable burden on the working taxpayer, one that deters hard work, as people are less inclined to work harder if their earnings are redistributed to those who don’t work or appreciate the system in which they live. Illegal immigrants tend to be catered to by the Left, meaning they are inundated with claims that Americans hate them and are racist. It isn’t uncommon to see groups of illegals burning American flags while proudly waving the flag of their home country. Why do they come here if Americans are so racist and mean-spirited?

The free money, of course. According to a 2013 article published by the Daily Mail, the Obama administration deliberately advertised free welfare and food stamp benefits to illegal immigrants.[3]Flyers were distributed, in Spanish, advising people seeking to cross the border that their status as illegal immigrants would not be a factor in receiving food stamps and other welfare benefits for their family. In other words, the Obama administration was encouraging illegal immigration. The Left would like to see all of them granted amnesty and made permanent citizens with the right to vote, of course.

Democrats accuse the Right of racism for opposing amnesty, even though the US takes in over one million legal immigrants annually. This is according to the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration Statistics Yearbook, which tracks the number of legal immigrants coming in every year.[4] Since 2007 the United States has taken in a whopping 10,668,262 immigrants. That number represents a decade’s worth of immigration at about one million people per year.

This trend, a million per year, has essentially been going on since 1989. Between that time and 2007 we took in 16,741,652 immigrants, bringing the grand total for a thirty-year period to 27,419,914 people. The current US population stands at approximately 326,143,246 people. Immigration is the largest contributing factor to population growth in the US. Not only are we taking in over two million immigrants every year due to legal and illegal immigration, immigrant women on average are giving birth to over 700,000 children annually.

As of 2013, according to Pew Research Center, 78 percent of America’s immigrants came from South America, Mexico or East Asia.[5] Only 14 percent came from other European countries with similar cultures. The change in demographics was deliberately set in motion to reduce America’s white population.

Writing for Newsweek magazine, William H. Frey highlights the fact that in 2011 America saw fewer white babies born than minority babies.[6] He is seemingly overwhelmed with joy as he admits that a continuation of this trend will rapidly, within a few decades, result in a minority white population. Ideally, whether the population is majority white, black or Hispanic should make little difference. The American culture of individual liberty and personal responsibility is one that can be adhered to by all, and our Constitution, whether or not people realize it, is the document providing the freedom that people of all cultures enjoy.

Leftists like Frey, who view the world only in terms of race, hold the opinion that white Americans fear becoming the minority because we fear losing our privileged status, and by simply being white we are all racist. This is not true; what we fear is the loss of a culture that promotes liberty and freedom for all people. Multiculturalism encourages people to hold on to their cultural identities while discouraging assimilation into the dominant culture. Again, this is the idea of counter-hegemony. If white Americans become the minority the culture will likely not survive because everyone else has been taught they are victims of it.

With this being said, we can look at the actual change in policy which shifted immigration patterns. According to Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution, the powers over naturalization rest exclusively in Congress. In 1965 the US Congress passed a law, which was signed by Lyndon B. Johnson, that set us on the course we are on today. This law was known as the Immigration Act of 1965.[7]

Up until this law was passed immigration was based on a quota system. Immigrants from around the world were let in based on the percentage of people from that part of the world already in the US. This was known as the National Origins Quota and was passed into law in 1924 to slow the massive migration into the United States and protect our cultural identity.[8] This was later considered a racist policy, as most of the immigrants were coming from European countries. The Immigration Act of 1965 was written to change the demographics of America by opening immigration up to the third world.

The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, also known as the Hart-Celler Act, abolished an earlier quota system based on national origin and established a new immigration policy based on reuniting immigrant families and attracting skilled labor to the United States. Over the next four decades, the policies put into effect in 1965 would greatly change the demographic makeup of the American population, as immigrants entering the United States under the new legislation came increasingly from countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, as opposed to Europe.[9]

This bill grew out of the growing civil rights movement. While new laws preventing discrimination based on skin color were being passed, pressure was also mounting to change the laws related to how America took in immigrants. Immigration to America literally became a human rights issue. According to Lawrence Auster, author of The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism, the new immigration law was the manifestation of the civil rights movement on the world stage.[10]

Opponents of this bill were labeled as racist and bigoted for standing in opposition because the bill itself was an extension of the civil rights laws being passed in the US. Edward Kennedy, who was serving as the chair for the Senate subcommittee hearing this bill, claimed that the number of immigrants coming into the country would not increase and that our country’s demographic makeup would not change as opponents of the bill argued they would. According to the Center of Immigration Studies the number of immigrants coming into the country tripled over the next three decades, with over eighteen million coming from Latin American and Asian countries.[11]

Furthermore, the education gap between native-born Americans and those immigrating also widened significantly. This created a strain on the system because America is a high-tech society that now had a large population of people unable to compete in those jobs and therefore lived their lives courtesy of the US taxpayer.

As we can clearly see, accusations of racism have been used to push America closer to her own demise. The Left deliberately changed the demographics of the nation to create a more collective society. It is estimated, according to Investor’s Business Daily, that 70 to 80 percent of immigrants from South American countries and Mexico will vote Democrat.[12]

Obviously, the immigration strategy was set in motion to ensure Democrats would eventually win a permanent majority where they could institute their plans for a Socialist America. At this point, it is unlikely that this boat could be turned around, as whites are expected to become the minority by 2043.[13] Truthfully, a white minority in a nation like America should matter little. The ideals of liberty and individualism should be a uniting factor for all who live and seek to come here, and in truth, it is these ideals which attract people in the first place.

People seeking a better life don’t flee America for Cuba or Venezuela, for example. Unfortunately, the Democrats have been pushing a message of collectivism which attracts the type of people that will vote for Socialism. If the Democrats are successful, by the time whites are a minority most of the population will be voting Democrat.

It isn’t just the issue of immigration that is changing the demographics. The rate at which white Americans are giving birth is declining. A sustained birth rate of 2.1 children per family is required to maintain a population. The birthrate for American women has dropped to 1.9 per family.[14] This is unsustainable as far as maintaining our culture goes. As of 2013, the number of minority births surpassed the number of white births by 12,166.[15]

Again, the idea of white people being a minority in America should not matter; however, the question must be asked: when we are the minority, will the new majority set up the same safety net for us that we have set up for them?

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