TRUMP Endorsed: Josh Hawley For Senate

I know as well as anyone that elections are always tough; some are downright mean. What we’re seeing in this election year though is something I can honestly say I’ve never seen before.

And I can’t deny that it’s truly worrying me. I’m talking about the far-left turn in the Democrat Party and Democrats like Claire McCaskill of Missouri who are happy to embrace it.

Senator McCaskill calls herself a moderate, yet has voted to increase taxes, over-regulate small businesses, and align herself with liberal extremists like Elizabeth Warren. She is running against a strong Conservative named Josh Hawley who is running neck and neck with her in a heated campaign.

We cannot let McCaskill win, and only you can stop it.

It’s simple: when it comes to Democrats, there is just no such thing as a moderate anymore. This isn’t the Democrat Party of the working citizen — it’s rapidly becoming the party of outright socialism. And you know the worst part? They’re proud of it.

This election is no longer about party ideology; it’s about saving the very fabric of our nation. We cannot allow the U.S. Senate to be overrun by socialists, and the only way to stop that is by supporting candidates like Josh Hawley.

Josh is a proven leader, and he knows that higher taxes and crippling regulations will do nothing but eliminate jobs and take money away from hardworking families. He will be a strong conservative voice in the Senate, something we desperately need right now.

Will you help keep socialism out of Congress? Please support Josh Hawley’s campaign. Our nation is counting on you.

Newt Gingrich

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