Data Shows Charter Schools Are Better Than Public Schools

By Dick Morris

Once more, data shows how much better charter schools are than regular public schools.

The evidence, based on standard English and math tests administered each year throughout New York City is unmistakable.

But politicians, more intent on getting votes and campaign contributions from public school teachers than in improving their students’ educational outcomes, continue to place obstacles in the way of the expansion of charter schools.

In 2018, charter schools students in New York City scored 20 percent better than students in regular public schools.
And their margin of success grew four-fold over the past three years.

In 2018, only 45 percent of regular NYC public school students performed at grade level proficiency.

But 54 percent of New York City charter school students did so.

In 2016, charter school students out-performed regular public schools students by only 2 points (40 vs 38).

In 2017, they did 5 points better (45 vs 40).

In 2018, they did 9 points better (54 vs 45).

In all, 67,000 charter school students in New York City took the achievement tests.

A total of 1.1 million students are enrolled in the NYC public education system.

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