President Trump Is Using The FBI To Protect Judge Brett Kavanaugh

By David Craig


The Democrats demanded it, the media demanded it, Senator Jeff Flake demanded it and assured his committee “Yes” for it, key swing vote Senators Murkowski, Collins, Manchin and others supported it – and President Trump ordered it.

An additional one week FBI investigation, with limited focus, into the “allegations” of sexual misconduct by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, will present its findings on or before the full Senate confirmation vote scheduled for October 5, 2018.

By pleasing the demands for an additional FBI investigation into the 3 separate allegations, President Trump is protecting Judge Kavanaugh. Protecting him from what?

Judge Kavanaugh is presently the victim of 3 unfounded, unsubstantiated, uncorroborated legal attacks on his personal and professional reputation by 3 individuals of unknown, and possibly questionable character and motivation. The accusers have no witnesses… and those they have called “witnesses” have no recollection of the alleged events… time, place, actions, participants, etc.

However, their accusations of sexual misconduct crimes have serious legal implications, that have no legal statute of limitation, or time limitation in which charges can be brought against Judge Kavanaugh. Now, these potential allegation liabilities will hang over Judge Kavanaugh and his reputation for the rest of his life… whether true or false. Such allegations set a new, lower standard and practice by which to destroy a person’s reputation, career and life… with a simple allegation of misconduct, even if unfounded.

The FBI investigates “allegations”. The difference is, lying to an FBI agent is a felony crime punishable by conviction and imprisonment. Lying to a Senate “investigator” or Congressional committee… or having your attorney write some statement of claim for you, has proven to carry little risk of punishment. Over and over we have seen persons lie before Congress, including high ranking government officials, and no legal penalties result. They know this.

The 3 “allegators” will have to make a choice when answering the FBI’s questions. If “true”, restate their accusations under serious risk of felony penalty… or change their claims to avoid potential felony prosecution. Any future “allegations” will undergo the same FBI scrutiny and give pause to falsehoods.

Despite the exposed corruption at the top of the FBI and Justice Department, the assigned FBI field agents will do this investigation assignment properly and in timely fashion. This is also an opportunity for the good men and women of the FBI to begin to re-establish the FBI’s reputation and integrity before America and the world.

Many believe we will see these 3 allegations “change” under FBI scrutiny this week, and they will be exposed as part of a shameful political scam.

If not true, the lifetime liability of these allegations will be forever removed. Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s good name, his personal and professional reputation will be cleared and restored… for himself, his family, his many supporters… and for America.

The scam politicians who have caused this fraud on Judge Kavanaugh will be exposed for who they are… and the American voters will exact their revenge on November 6, 2018.

Thank you President Trump for protecting Judge Kavanaugh, his family… and America.

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