What President Trump Has Accomplished…So Far.


US Embassy moved to Jerusalem by President Donald J Trump
Trump secures release of American Prisoners from North Korea
Trump Negotiates Peace between North and South Korea
Trump Signs Order Calling for Work Requirements for Welfare Programs
HISTORIC: Trump Nominates First Woman for Head of CIA
Feds collect record taxes in first month under Trump’s tax cuts; runs surplus in January
Trump signs sweeping two-year budget deal – MILITARY FUNDED
Trump proposes biggest civil service change in 40 years – ‘Hire the best and fire the worst’
Trump signs bipartisan bill to combat synthetic opioids
Trump Shrinks Federal Bureaucracy by 16000
President Trump set a record for lifetime appointed judges in 2017
Trump Signed 96 Laws In 2017
Trump Administration Set to Roll Back $900 Million in Obama-Era Offshore Drilling Regulations
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on 52 People and Entities for Abuse and Corruption
Individual Mandate of Obamacare REPEALED
Senate Passes Historic Sweeping Tax Reform
Climate Change REMOVED from ‘Threat List’
Trump Admin is a Deregulation Machine: Eliminating 22:1
Trump signs $700 billion defense bill, gives troops largest pay raise in 7 years
New Space Policy Directive Calls for Human Expansion Across Solar System
Trump Declares Jerusalem the Capital of Israel
Senate Passes Sweeping Tax Reform – 20% Corporate rate – Largest in 31 Years.
Trump Shuts Down CIA funding of Syrian Rebels
House Passes Tax Bill in Major Step Toward Overhaul
Senate Passes Budget Resolution Clearing the Way to pass Tax Reform with a Simple Majority
Trump’s HHS defines life as beginning at conception
President Trump Declassifies and Releases JFK Files
Trump: ‘We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values’
Trump administration abandons the Obama-era clean power plan aimed at reducing global warming
School Choice tops the list of Priorities U.S. Education Department Grants
Trump Signs Healthcare Order, Expands Choice and Access through associations
US and Israel withdraw from UNESCO citing “anti-Israel bias”
Trump has written 46 Executive Orders
Treasury Deparment to target companies doing business with North Korea
Trump has signed 53 bills into law
Trump Signs Order Rolling Back Environmental Rules on Infrastructure
11,000 government jobs slashed under Trump – downsizing government
UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea
Senate confirms 65 Trump nominees for various positions
U.S. Small Business Administration opens assistance center
800 Obama regulations cut – Saved over $200 billion
EPA’s Pruitt moves to roll back over 30 environmental regulations in record time
Cut the White House budget – Saved taxpayers $22 million
Haley Tells Congress US Assuming More Assertive Role at UN
Trump’s EPA To Repeal Obama’s ‘Waters Of The US’ Rule
Eliminated 1200 man hours of wasteful paperwork requirements including Y2K preparedness
President Trump Announces “Massive Permit Reform” Push
Trump Lays Out Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control System
Statement by President Trump on the Paris Climate Accord
Treasury to call for rolling back banking regulations
Trump orders a Voter Fraud Commission to investigate 2016 election
Fired corrupt and incompetent FBI Director James Comey
HHS to Rescind Birth Control Mandate in Obamacare
Appointed conservative Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
Ben Carson Finds $500 Billion In Errors during Audit of Obama HUD
President Trump’s executive order will undo Obama’s Clean Power Plan rule
U.S. Will have Free but Fair and Balanced Trade: Mnuchin
Executive order to reduce operating costs of the Federal Government
Fired all 46 attorney generals hired by Obama
Purging the State Department of Obama loyalists
Fixing lobbying laws – 5 year lobbying ban on White House officials
Put a regulatory freeze on all federal agencies
Cutting regulations in government agencies (add 1, take out 2)

Department of Justice
Trump DOJ Sues California For Interference With Immigration Enforcement
DOJ Halts Obama’s Operation Chokepoint, Which Targeted Firearm Dealers
More than 1,000 arrests in sex trafficking operation
Four charged with leaks from Trump administration
Jeff Sessions announces new crackdown on ‘so-called’ sanctuary cities
Justice Department announces takedown of AlphaBay, the largest dark web market
Sessions’s New Civil-Forfeiture Rules
400 medical professionals charged in largest health care fraud takedown
The Department of Justice Stands by Texas’s Voter ID Law
Charges: Sex traffickers took hundreds from Thailand to US
AG Sessions is bringing back the harsher sentences for drug dealers
Sex Trafficking Arrests Soar Under Trump; MSM Completely Ignores
DHS is planning on denying green cards to legal immigrants if they receive federal or state aid
Trump takes ‘shackles’ off ICE, which is slapping them on immigrants who thought they were safe
ICE raid hits 77 businesses in Northern California
End of Year Report: Deportations up 40% – Historically Low Crossings
DHS: Announces New Procedures for Refugee Admissions
Deportations Of Noncriminals Rise As ICE Casts Wider Net
Cutting regulations in government agencies (add 1, take out 2)
Veterans Administration
Enhancing Veteran Care Act
VA seeks partnerships to build and improve health-care facilities
VA announces Veterans Coordinated Access & Rewarding Experiences Act
VA, Ginnie Mae create task force to address mortgage refinancing issues
Telemedicine: An important tool for Veterans health
Trump Signs Bill to Streamline VA Disability Claims Appeals Process
Trump signs ‘Forever GI Bill,’ boosting aid to student vets
VA expands Tele-Health access
VA fires more than 500 feds under Trump, even before new accountability law
Trump signs VA accountability act into law, promises better care for veterans
Trump Administration Streamlines Veteran Medical Records
White House to launch veterans’ complaint hotline
Accountability and Whistleblower Protection at VA

RECORD Number of Employed – 63 Percent labor participation
Worker pay rate hits highest level since 2008
Black and Hispanic Unemployment rates hit record low in April
Business Investments up 39 Percent Due to Tax Cuts

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